Daily Slop: Hall may be Willing to Restructure Deal; No Shortage of Fear, Anxiety Surrounding RG3's Prognosis

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RG III injury: Q&A with Stephania Bell - NFC East Blog - ESPN
DG: So assuming they go in and look at the knee, what are they looking for? SB: The first thing is, what's the extent of the damage inside his knee, and then are there other aspects of the joint or capsule that need to be addressed. With an LCL injury, you worry about that back corner of the knee, what we call the posterolateral corner, which is where the LCL is. When you suffer an injury to anything in that complex, it can threaten the overall stability of the knee. Your biggest concern is, is that corner intact? Is it stable? Because if it's not, there's more you have to deal with. RG III being the athlete that he is, that works in his favor. He's young, he's fit, he's highly motivated, and those are all positives. The part we don't know is the anatomy part, which is the part he has no control over.

Elfin: Shanahan Deserves Whatever Criticism That Comes With RGIII Injury " CBS DC

Shanahan usually comes off as cold compared to say, Seattle’s Pete Carroll. But Shanahan handled Griffin’s situation more with his heart than with his head because he knows that the rookie was chiefly responsible for the 180 in the organization’s outlook from two months ago. The coach said today that the goals for 2013 have changed with winning the NFC East now the standard. However, it’s Griffin’s very centrality to the Redskins’ long-term hopes that should have prompted Shanahan to pull Griffin and not let him risk serious injury to an already ailing joint.

Washington Redskins say they will address FedEx Field playing surface - ESPN

"It was horrible," Seahawks coach Carroll told 710 ESPN Seattle. "It's a horrible field. It's as bad as a field can get for being dry. It's too bad. It really is. It's too bad. We deserve better. ... It just was worn out. There was a lot of slipping and all that kind of stuff. It's relative. It didn't change the game at all in my opinion because it's relative to both sides. We should just expect to see a better field at that time of year."

Redskins accuse Seahawks of cheap shots

Williams and Sherman started going at it from the game's first play, with Sherman allegedly taunting Redskins coach Mike Shanahan and the normally mild-mannered Morris, a rookie, coming off the field yelling profanities after Bryant supposedly tried to step on him following a play. "There was a cheap shot — Red Bryant tried to step on him after a play and hit him in the head,'' Redskins fullback Darrel Young said Monday. "Alfred Morris is one of the nicest guys you'll meet. "We'll see them again. When Alfred comes to the sideline cursing, you've got a problem because this is a kid who doesn't curse.'

Rex Grossman says RG3 unharmed if loses offseason work; Kyle Shanahan should be head coach | WashingtonExaminer.com

And Grossman said it’s not as important for Griffin to participate in the offseason as it would be for other rookies. "I mean, he’s a Pro Bowl player as a rookie and he was behind the 8-ball," Grossman said. "He just didn’t know the NFL at all and the offense at all. He’ll be able to watch every snap and evaluate himself and talk about it until he’s blue in the face. … It’s just not a normal rookie where you have a lot of improvement from year one to year two. It’s different when you’re already a Pro Bowler and an NFC East champion where you have a next-level approach, where how do you get to consistently winning championships. That’s awesome if that’s your next step."

Redskins Post-Game and Post-Season Recap | Fanspeak Washington Redskins Blog

It was 14-3 and Garcon got by Browner causing Browner to foul him and actually fall to the ground. But as Garcon was going free, Griffin was unable to get the deep ball off because Seattle had pushed the o-line back into Griffin. An easy touchdown turned into a five yard penalty and the game was never the same.

James Andrews backs’ Shanahan’s account of Griffin’s re-entry of Baltimore game

"Coach Shanahan didn’t lie about it, and I didn’t lie," Andrews said Monday afternoon. "I didn’t get to examine [Griffin’s knee] because he came out for one play, didn’t let us look at him and on the next play, he ran through all the players and back out onto the field. Coach Shanahan looks at me like, ‘Is he OK?’ and I give him the ‘Hi’ sign as in, ‘He’s running around, so I guess he’s OK.’ But I didn’t get to check him out until after the game. It was just a communication problem. Heat of battle. I didn’t get to tell him I didn’t get to examine the knee. Mike Shanahan would never have put him out there at risk just to win a game."

Mike Shanahan suggests Redskins not done with salary cap case

"I can’t answer that at this time," Shanahan said. "So that means we’re still involved in it. Yes, we’re still involved in it. When I can speak about that, I will speak. But at this time, I can’t. I think that answers your question."

Redskins say progress was made, even with disappointing ending

"We kind of showed everybody that we are real competition in the NFC East and we definitely have a chance to do big things in the future," tight end Niles Paul said. Said safety Reed Doughty: "It’s hard to do that. It’s hard mentally even when you get that one win. You just take it one game at a time, and I think that’s a lesson to be learned even when things are going well. You saw what happened to some other teams this year like the Bears starting so well and then not finishing like they would like. I think it proves in the NFL, each week you’ve got to be ready to go. Each game, you’ve got to play a full 60 minutes and give yourself a chance at the end of the season."

Sav Rocca to have surgery; Pierre Garcon to seek multiple opinions

"I want to get another two or three years out. I enjoy it and enjoy playing," Rocca said. "The family and myself really enjoy being over here and taking part in it. We’ll see how long we can take it out. … I feel like this team’s going in the right direction. We’ve got a good quarterback – a good up-and-coming team – and I think in the next two years, this team can really make a push for the Super Bowl and I want to be around when that happens."

Kory Lichtensteiger says trying to play Sunday was probably a mistake

"In hindsight, I probably shouldn’t have done it," he said. "But I felt like I could give it a go with the proper medication and everything. I had it feeling right, at least I thought. I felt good going to the right. Most of the series was things I could do. And then once we got to the goal line, I really had to… put pressure on that left ankle and it just didn’t hold up. So I knew it right away that it was time."

Garcon would rather not deal with surgery - Washington Times

"I can’t complain. Some people thought I should’ve got surgery and some people thought I should’ve sat out. Some people thought I should’ve kept playing," Garcon said. "When I got back somewhat healthy, I kept playing and played through pain. I guess it was a little bit of success, something to look at to be like, all right, we did this not 100 percent, not always healthy. So you build from it and keep going."

‘Bad Taste’ Leaves Team Hungry For 2013

"It’s a bad feeling, but we can’t dwell on it," said Redskins inside linebacker Perry Riley. "We’ve got to learn from it, and if we get into this position next year, look for a different outcome."

Etty Allen, widow of George Allen, dies at age 90 - NFL.com

Henriette "Etty" Allen, matriarch of a famed American football family, widow of former Washington Redskins and Los Angeles Rams coach George Allen and mother of Redskins general manager Bruce Allen, has died. She was 90.

Need to Know: Beware of irresponsible 'reports' - Rich Tandler's Real Redskins

The worst came from what should be a reputable source, WRIC-8, the ABC affiliate in Richmond. They tacked the following on to an AP account of what Shanahan had said: BREAKING: Sources close to the Redskins camps say Robert Griffin III has torn his ACL and PCL, and will not be able to play for a minimum of 14-18 months. Stay with 8News for updates. This quickly spread around the Twitterverse and had many in utter panic. The people at WRIC eventually removed the added paragraph and tweeted out the following in response to inquiries:

Hall may be willing to restructure deal to return to Redskins - Rich Tandler's Real Redskins

Hall sounds like he might be willing to accept a lesser paycheck. "I definitely want to be back. We definitely have something special here," he said. "You can see all the pieces in place, you definitely want to be a part of it."

No shortage of fear, anxiety surrounding RG3's prognosis - Washington Times

The Washington Redskins' 2013 offseason could have been a relatively tranquil period by the franchise's standards. They seemed positioned to build on their NFC East division championship without the drama or tumult that has tainted past years. Instead, their offseason began Monday with maximum anxiety regarding the status of quarterback Robert Griffin III's right knee.

Rob Parker talks about calling RGIII a ‘cornball brother’

"It was just a conversation that’s had in the black community when athletes, or famous entertainers or whatever, push away from their people," Parker said. "And that’s really what it’s about. You saw it with O.J. Simpson, and some other people, where they say, ‘Well, I’m not black. I’m O.J.’ So it’s more about that, not about RGIII and what’s going on. It’s more about this thing that we’ve battled for years and why people have pushed away from their people. It’s more about that."

Early exit puts damper on Redskins' unlikely run to playoffs - Washington Times

"I want everybody on the team to remember this feeling, man. It’s the worst feeling in the world, knowing you had the potential to do something and we didn’t get it done," Bowen said Monday. "Just knowing that you’ve got to wait a whole year, play all these games just to get back to the same point, the wild card. Just to try to get past that point. It’s killing me, man."

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