Why is Everyone so Sad?!

Seahawks vs Redskins coverage

Yesterday, as the final seconds ticked away, along with the Redskins' season, a feeling of immediate sadness came over me. How I had hoped that RG3 and the Redskins could keep the transformation from recent joke of the east, into the defending Superbowl Champions at the outset of the 2013 season! (By the way, I'm so glad that 12/21/12 thing didn't work out. It would have messed up our season!) But then I remembered, "Hey, we were picked by some 'experts' to go 2-14 this year, and no one picked us to even place 3rd in the east! Now we're the 'Beast of the East!' How great is that?!!"

Honestly folks, how many of you really thought the Redskins would even get this far? I know that when I talked to my wife about our chances this season, I was hoping for at least an 8-8 season, to show the investment we made to get RG3 was worth it, and boy, was it ever!

This young stud took this team, which was going nowhere fast, and along with another young stud at RB, a few younger players in key positions, some savvy vets, and the lone E.T. we have manning the middle LB position, made us Eastern Division Champions for the first time since 1999, and our first home play-off game in those same years!

This team is going places, my friends! And for quite some time now, we won't be known as the "walk-over east team!" No longer will coaches be able to place an automatic W on their schedules when they face the Redskins. They won't be sure like they have been in the past!

The Washington Redskins are once again relevant, and in a couple of years from now, there will be another phrase to describe our opponents when they face us ... Fearful!

Now if we can just get our resident Superman to just listen to reason for a bit, he'll realize just how dependent we all are on his health for his continued success!

And yes Coach, we want to win as much as you do, and you're the boss, and I trust you. But in hindsight, don't you think that by the half, RG3 was pretty much immobile? It's your call Coach, but honestly, I don't think RG3 had any say in it. It was obvious that he was injured, not just hurt. And by the half, Cousins should have been put in. I'm just sayin' is all!

But the only thing that could make me unhappy now, is if it's determined that RG3 has damage resembling Adrian Peterson's ligament tears! Aside from that, the Redskins are Division Champs in RG3's rookie season, he should walk away with ROY, and we have the core players to push for the NFC title next season, and the season after that, we can begin our dynasty years! (Providing the Mayans didn't forget to carry a decimal point, and we're scheduled for an apocalypse on 12/21/14!)

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