I am done with mourning. Let's celebrate.

We had a season for the ages.

Our rookie QB had a debut season for the ages. Our rookie RB had a debut season for the ages. Our Defense had a "next man up" season for the ages.



We had AlMo trucking DBs, LBs and DLinemen galore.



We had our backup QB come in and win a game convincingly. We had a unique offense which nobody in the NFL stopped, or figured out. We lost playmaker after playmaker on both offense and defense and still kept coming. This is a season for the ages. This is all going just right.

Robert is a warrior. And he's learned the two valuable lessons he needs to make him a great QB for a long time to come.

1. Don't take unnecessary hits. Slide whenever you can to protect yourself.

2. Know when you are hurting the team. Be the bigger man, and step aside.

These two lessons will stand him in good stead for years to come. Now, Robert may not play next year. That is not entirely bad. Robert will now learn these lessons from the bench. And learn them he will. If you look back at his college career, Robert's biggest improvement came when he tore his ACL. When his father wheeled him into the field on a wheel-chair and made him throw long passes. This layoff will reignite that same fire in him. To come back stronger. Faster. Better. Robert will use his legs sparingly in the future to devastating effect as he gets more and more comfortable in the NFL. The league will also get to see what we have in Kirk Cousins. And maybe we will get a big haul for him in his fourth year, when his departure is imminent. Or we all breathe a collective sigh of relief as the doctors tell us, it's a Grade 3 sprain with a 4 month recovery.

Free Agents will be lining up to get into Washington, and this time, it won't be for just the money. It may not even be for the highest contract they can get. Robert Griffin has already changed the NFL. In his first year. Think about that for a moment.

Alfred Morris will have 7 more productive years. He takes good care of himself. With Roy Helu returning and a consistent speed threat out of the backfield, this offense opens up even more. Every defense that plays us will be exhausted by the end of the game, no matter what the result is. Every defense will have to pick it's poison. Get bludgeoned to death by the battering ram or sliced open with speed from Helu, Garcon, RG3 and AR.

The offensive line is a bunch of scrubs now. But we see the value in continuity. As devoid of talent as our OLine is, it still had a career year run blocking. TW, CC, WillM, even Tyler Polumbus had a career year. Kory played the year on a shredded knee. Next year his knee will be better. Josh Lereibus now has game experience. And playoff experience. Our backups fit in like pieces of the puzzle. We lose a piece, we just pick up another one and plug it in. Maurice Hurt backed up TP in a pinch. There is versatility all over this line. Next year, we will have a better right tackle. This line will get even better. Especially in pass blocking. We will get our best pass-blocking RB back next year with the return of Helu.

What can I say about the defense. This defense has performed with a big bunch of nobodies. With holes at every position. With injured and hurt players. And they played their best when the players were at their worst. Our DLine is a bunch of above average players. Add one stud in and this defense goes to the next level. Stud NT or a Stud DE. Our backups are excellent and will fill in, in a pinch. We will have JJ trusting his knee again after a year of playing on it. We get a decent backup NT in Chris Neild back next year. We get Adam Carriker back. We get Brian Orakpo back. And hopefully for good. Now we have three pass rushers that we can rotate in and out. Kerrigan will get over his sophomore slump and his run blocking will improve some more. Rob Jackson will take a discount and stick around. London will stick around for one more year and with better pieces around him, he will not be asked to do as much as he did this year. Keenan Robinson comes back. The front 7 is one player away from being elite. The secondary will be the biggest hole that will need to be addressed. It's better to have one big hole than several medium ones. But what Hazlett has shown is that he can wring blood out of a turnip. He can extract winning performances from a depleted secondary. That will be enough for next year, and once the safety position is addressed, this defense will take the next step.

Our special teams has improved by leaps and bounds. We have a kicker. Finally. Think about it. We have a top of the line kicker. Sav Rocca had the best game of the year punting. In the playoffs. We can squeeze a couple more years out of Sav, while looking for a replacement. Or maybe we'll find a punter like we found the kicker. Maybe, even one with a booming leg for touchbacks. We still have LorAx. We see the passing of the torch from LorAx to Niles Paul. We have a very good coverage team, and our return teams are on the upswing. We had more short fields this year, than last year.

We are hitting on draft pick after draft pick. People we had written off (I'm looking at you Rob Jackson and Josh Lereibus), are stepping in and performing. We finally have the luxury to develop players like Lereibus, Gettis and Compton. Like Hankerson, Crawford, Jenkins and Pugh.

There is something special brewing in Washington, and I will not insult it by hanging my head.

I'll raise a toast to a dazzling year by the Redskins and to a dazzling decade to come.

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