Really, Field Gulls? Really?

Okay, I suppose I shouldn't single out the Seattle fans, since they're just repeating what the national media seems to be saying. It’s just that I cannot wrap my head around the seemingly unending anti-Skins bias I'm seeing.

I'm relatively new here, so bear with me.

I don't have the expansive football knowledge that many here on these forums seem to possess. Although I've been a Skins fan since I could understand the game at all, I’ll confess that I don't always fully understand some of the more advanced X's and O's talk I see put forth here.

I read an article about someone's NFC and AFC championship match-ups, and Seattle, YES Seattle is supposed to be playing Green Bay. Got it. Sorted. Seattle has it locked.

I read with great interest the thread on the Field Gulls page and the comments got chippier and chippier (to include a long string about our name being a racial slur) as I descended deeper into some of their blind homerism. I do not want to sound like one of those people. That said, how is it that the gurus over at and ESPN know that we're going to lose this game? How is it that so many folks over at the Field Gulls know that they have this one wrapped up? When you consider how we've crawled up from the pit of despair (3-6) and into the bright daylight of an NFC East championship, how we've set record after record (both franchise and NFL), how we've owned the ROTW week in and week out, how can it be so easy to dismiss this team?

The analysts (who, let's be honest have been hating on the Skins all year) have called it 13-5 in favor of Seattle. THAT's how certain the establishment is that we're going to lose.

Part of me relishes the role of underdog. I, like many of you get uncomfortable when we're favored too heavily. Like you, I prefer the low expectations. But at some point, maybe after, I don't know...winning 7 games in a row, it might be nice to have someone, ANYONE acknowledge that we're a real contender.

Here’s my bottom line: Forget history (we’ve been making it all year). These two teams have never met in their current permutation. You can point to strength of schedule and defensive rankings and field surface and condition and blown calls earlier in the year and QB and RB stats all you want. NOBODY really knows how this is going to go down Sunday. Nobody.

What I do know is that the Washington Redskins have found a way to win when nobody thought they could. What I do know is that our biggest dilemma this year may be which one of our rookie starters should be ROY. What I do know is that our HC and his assistants have been on fire calling great plays and dialing up great defenses. No two teams have played the same Redskins this year.

The Seattle Seahawks are a very good team. They have passionate fans. They have an amazing rookie QB and a ground and pound RB. Sound familiar?

This is going to be a great game, and it’s anyone’s guess who wins it. I just know that if we get booted from the post-season by them again, I’m boycotting Seattle’s Best coffee forever.

Hail to ‘em.

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