Another Mock Draft!

Hi everybody! Though I'm a long-time reader, this is my first Hogs Haven post of any kind... so don't judge me too harshly. Anyway, everybody seems to be posting mock drafts, so I thought I'd join in. So, here we go:

2nd Round - Phillip Thomas, S - Yes, Phillip Thomas. We've talked about him a lot, and rightfully so. He's a high-character guy who's quick, tough, and athletic. I think he could be a perfect fit in Washington. I also considered D.J. Swearinger because he's got great ball skills and would bring some attitude to our defense, but chose Thomas because he's a bit longer. Really, I'd be okay with either.

3rd Round - Travis Kelce, TE - I know, I know, tight end is definitely not one of our bigger needs. But if we can't bring back Fred Davis for a reasonable price, Kelce would be a great choice to replace him. At 6'6, 260, he's a big target, and a reliable receiver. Furthermore, he's a good blocker, which you can't say about Davis.

4th Round - Robert Alford, CB - Tall enough, and plays physical. The Redskins spoke with him at the Senior Bowl, and I definitely wouldn't mind this pick. I also like B.W. Webb in this spot.

5th Round - Brian Schwente, C - As you all know, he opened some eyes at the Senior Bowl. He showed the ability to anchor against some good defensive linemen, and he's got good mobility, which makes him a good fit for our blocking scheme. Would be some nice depth at the center position.

5th Round - Reid Fragel, OT - A converted tight end, and, at 6-8, 298, is an athletic freak. Would be a good fit in our zone blocking scheme. Needs to work on his technique, but has a lot of upside.

6th Round - Cornelius Washington, DE/OLB - As you all know, after Brian Orakpo went down for the season, we struggled to find a consistent pass rush. Rob Jackson did make some plays for us down the stretch, but I think drafting a guy like Washington would help give us depth at OLB. At 6'4, 268, he has ideal size for the position. He's also a good pass rusher with great quickness, and plenty of upside. Not too bad in coverage either.

7th Round - Kapron Lewis-Moore, DL - While not the best pass rusher, he's strong, and uses his hands well. He has enough talent to become a part of our rotation at DE. A WR with some special teams ability would also be a good pick here.

And there you have it! Please give me some feedback in the comments!

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