Mel Kiper Regrades Redskins 2012 Draft from C+ to B+

With almost a year gone by, Mel Kiper re-evaluates the Redskins 2012 draft class.

ESPN's Mel Kiper regraded the 2013 draft for every team this week. He upgraded his initial C+ grade to a B+. That seems like a fair grade at this point in the game given the uncertainty for RGIII's long-term success. I believe Ribeye will turn into a fine starter at Left Guard in 2013. What one wants to see in a rookie who plays limited time is flashes of greatness, and LeRibeus showed that in his limited time filling in for Lichtensteiger. In fact, this off-season he's in Texas training with the same organization that helped him prepare for the combine. Injuries unfortunately robbed fans from seeing Bernstine and Crawford's true potential. Alfred Morris'

It does kill me to say I agree with Kiper, after all, he pounded the table the Redskins needed to draft Jimmy Clausen 4th overall in 2010, and of course, he watches film with Cerrato in their Baltimore bunker.

Round Pick Position Player College
(1) 2 QB Robert Griffin III Baylor
(3) 71 G Josh LeRibeus SMU
(4) 102 QB Kirk Cousins Michigan State
(4) 119 LB Keenan Robinson Texas
(5) 141 G Adam Gettis Iowa
(6) 173 RB Alfred Morris Florida Atlantic
(6) 193 T Tom Compton South Dakota
(7) 213 CB Richard Crawford SMU
(7) 217 CB Jordan Bernstine Iowa

Mel Kiper via ESPN Insider:

Post-draft grade: C+

Summary: The season Robert Griffin III put together might be seem like reason enough to push that C+ to an A. But I think Redskins fans who really understand the draft will have a more realistic view of this. In fact, I feel just as I did when the draft concluded. At that time I wrote, "If you feel like the grade is a tough one, remember I have to factor in the extraordinary value given up to acquire Robert Griffin III. I've looked, and it's as much as we've ever seen dealt for a top-5 pick. I think RG III will be a very good player, and I think he can be pretty good right out of the gate, but he's this draft for Washington, and he came at the cost of [likely] three future starters." RG III was better than very good -- he was exceptional. But Washington gave up an extraordinary amount of draft value to land him. When you factor in his injury to finish the season, and the fact that Mike Shanahan will need to take a hard look at how his young star is used as a runner, it puts a damper on the overall evaluation. Even with the value given up for RG III, the draft should still get high marks for the pick of Kirk Cousins, a player who proved his value with a big regular-season win. And Alfred Morris turned into maybe the steal of the draft, rushing for 1,613 yards and 11 TDs. There isn't much beyond that, though Keenan Robinson could develop into a starter. Overall, a very good draft, but one that will be defined by how good RG III will be when he comes back from this setback, because he came at a price that will be evident in April both this year and next.

New grade: B+

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