Washington Redskins 2013 All-Bad Boy Mock Draft

Chris Graythen

You want CHARACTER, I'll give you CHARACTER!

Mike Shanahan is known to like high character, squeaky clean, former team captain type players on his squad. Well, Mike Shanahan is also quite unpredictable when it come to the NFL draft, so in honor of that unpredictability,..........................(drum roll please..............., DRUM ROLL)I give you my 2013 Redskins "Bad Boy" Mock Draft.

Now, in all seriousness, these players are actually at some positions that could really help this team in the future, and because of their "Bad Boy" persona, could also be value picks for the Skins.

Will Mike Shanahan roll the dice of any of these "high Character" players?

2nd - Da'Rick Rogers: WR 6'3" 206 Tenn. Tech - Rogers was suspended from the University of Tennessee for violating teams rules, and ultimately ended up transferring to Tennessee Tech. While some off-field troubles may haunt his past, Rodgers is a talented, physical receiver, who could make the Redskins offense even better with his size, speed and leaping ability. He could become a true number one in the NFL.

3rd - Bacarri Rambo: FS/SS 6'0" 210 Georgia - Rambo was suspended four games starting the 2012 season for failing a drug test. Wow, a failed drug test.................Rambo should fit right in here in D.C. All kidding aside though, Rambo is a talented safety who can play in the box, or as a single high in cover 3. He would be an immediate upgrade to our porous secondary.

4th - Ray Ray Armstrong: SS 6-4 225 formerly of Miami/Faulkner Univ. - Armstrong was kicked off the University of Miami football team for accepting benefits from a booster. Aside from not being a model citizen, Armstrong can also be found in your nearest receivers back pocket, or attempting to knock his head off. One thing is for sure, Armstrong is a physical freak who loves to hit. Some may think the fourth is a reach, but after some workouts for scouts, some coach is going to take a chance on the troubled, yet talented safety.

5th - Sanders Commings: CB/S 6' 1" 216 Georgia - Commings was suspended two games at the start of the season for a domestic dispute with his girlfriend. Aside from picking on chicks, Commings will also pick opposing quarterbacks passes, and lay the lumber on opposing running backs. He has the ability to play either safety or corner in the NFL.

5th - Tyrann Mathieu: CB 5' 9" 178 Formerly of LSU - The talented Mathieu was kicked out of LSU for repeated drug violations. Hey, Mathieu likes to smoke him some weed, but so do a few other Redskins. Maybe Tyrann can get high off of the thrill of being an NFL player instead, and turn his life around..............god knows we could use him in our secondary.

6th - Jake Stoneburner: TE 6' 5" 245 Ohio St. - Suspended from team during the summer after being arrested and cited for public urination. Who doesn't love a guy who pees in public? Aside from his "tiny" mishap with the law, Stonburner is a player who can cause mismatch problems for safeties and linebackers with his speed and athleticism.

7th - William Campbell: DT 6' 5" 318 Michigan - Charged with two counts of malicious destruction of property and minor purchasing of liquor. Who doesn't love a guy who gets drunk and goes out destroying things. Maybe Mr. Campbell can start destroying NFL quarterbacks while being sober. Campbell has a good motor, and functional upper-body strength to be a force as a 3-4 DE.

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