Washington vs. Seattle (an exercise in paper checkmarks)

Ladies & Gents,

I'm relatively new to the community. I am a long-time skins fan that has lived in DC since 1982, a transplant from the midwest. I have adored this team since I got here in the 4th grade.

I wanted to get your perspective on the paper match-ups going into the playoff (!!) game this Sunday.

Here are my personal opinions. Please feel free to offer your perspective. Agree. Disagree. Discuss.

WASHINGTON OFFENSE VS SEATTLE DEFENSE - this will be perhaps the most critical matchup for us in my opinion. Seattle is stout on the defensive side of the ball. We have a dynamic offense, obviously, but Seattle has a terrific defense that we will need to be on-point for. Should RG3 continue his recovery and a dynamic game plan be constructed by Kyle Shannahan, I feel we have the edge.


SEATTLE OFFENSE VS. WASHINGTON DEFENSE - Seattle's strength is far and away their running game. Marshawn Lynch is a terror, abusing most linebackers and secondary, bursting through holes and abusing players that seem to wiff at his shadow like a groundhog who's scared of the impending season. Still though, as impressive as he's been, the Redskins strength as a defense is against the run.

ADVANTAGE: Push (or slight Seattle advantage if he routinely breaks through the LB layer)

WASHINGTON SPECIAL TEAMS VS SEATTLE SPECIAL TEAMS - One of our fondest memories as fans, I imagine, is from the era of playoff where we had the pleasure of watching Darrell Green line up to return punts. Brian Mitchell was also no slouch, either. In this stint in the playoffs from our beloved Redskins I'd like to see key play-makers line up for us on special teams. Pierre Garcon, Hall (eh), and anyone outside RG3 should be in play here. As Gibbs knew, there is no tomorrow without a win and all personnel should be in play here.

ADVANTAGE: Slight Redskins advantage based upon Courtney Alexander alone!

COACHING: Push (really on the fence here - interested to hear your thoughts)

KEY PLAYER MATCH-UPS: I'd love to hear your thoughts here. Please describe critical 1:1 match-ups that we MUST win in order to emerge victorious.

OVERALL ADVANTAGE: This will be a tight game. Screw the spread - we're at home. My extreme bias aside, I genuinely believe we have a slight advantage (REDSKINS).

SUMMARY: Braves on the warpath. We won the division this year, fellas. At this point we are playing with house money. I would be deeply saddened if we didn't win this game, but I am immensely proud of this team. We have made tremendous strides as an organization. Dan has finally realized he needs to let football guys make football decisions. The future is bright, and who knows, tomorrow could even hold an immediate brightness none of us expected without smoking something at the beginning of the season.

I am honored to be a fan alongside every one of you. We got this. Hail!

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