Undisclosed by Redskins and Dr. Andrews: RG3 Had to Have His Medial Meniscus Repaired Too. What this Means and How Soon He'll Be Back

Here's the straight truth from surgeon, Mark Adickes, who served as a consultant to Dr. Andrews during RG3's surgery Wednesday. Adickes also is the surgeon who repaired RG3's ACL before Robert won the Heisman. :

"The surgery that Dr. James Andrews performed was a repair of his LCL, a revision reconstruction of his ACL and a repair of his medial meniscus. All three surgeries are significant when done alone. When done together, they comprise a major surgery that leads to an extremely painful and arduous recovery."

"Because Robert’s patellar tendon in his right knee was used to perform his initial ACL reconstruction the patellar tendon in his uninjured left knee had to be used to create a new ACL. This means the pain he will have to withstand will be doubled and nearly equal for both knees. Although fully informed prior to surgery, he was hopeful that a lesser procedure would be sufficient to allow him to recover."

"His parents told me that upon awakening, feeling the searing pain in both knees, he was immediately alerted to the extent of his injury and the magnitude of his surgery. The disappointment had to be immense."

"The recovery from an LCL repair and meniscus repair is four to six months, and the recovery from a revision ACL reconstruction is six to eight months. He will have to rehab his left knee as well because of the patellar tendon graft harvested from that site."

- RG3's Consulting Surgeon, Mark Adickes

Full Article, including expected recovery time and expected effects on his athleticism.:

Wiki: The medial meniscus separates the tibia and femur to decrease the contact area between the bones, and serves as a shock absorber reducing the peak contact force experienced. It also reduces friction between the two bones to allow smooth movement in the knee and distribute load during movement. The inner two thirds of the medial meniscus has a limited blood supply and thus limited healing ability.

Dr. Mark Adickes is the Harvard-trained orthopedic surgeon who performed surgery on Robert Griffin III to repair his torn ACL in 2009. Dr. Andrews consulted with Adickes during RG3's recent surgery. Adickes is a former Redskin guard who won a Super Bowl with the Washington Redskins in '91. Even more coincidentally he played his college ball at Baylor.

Be sure to read the linked article to get his prognosis in light of this latest disclosure. It may give you hope.

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