The Most Annoying Thing About Being a Skins Fan

Hi everybody, I mostly lurk here, devoting the bulk of my commenting time to SBNation blogs about various forms of bloodsport, but I'm a lifelong, diehard Skins fan, and I'm here to air a grievance.



Washington is a city of transients. People come here from everywhere, because of the work, proximity to power, and in many cases, because wherever they're from kinda sucks. But while they are happy to enjoy our high employment rates, diverse cuisine and efficient public transit, most of these interlopers maintain a stubborn affection for the sports teams they left behind.

And that would be fine, if there weren't so damn many of them and they weren't so profoundly obnoxious about it.

Honestly, it's not their boosterism of their own teams that gets to me, but their constant, unfounded, unsupported pissing and moaning about Washington sports, Washington sports media, and above all Redskins fans.

Here's a sample of what I got to read from one of the many jerks who were peeing in my virtual cornflakes after the game:

"Dear Redskins Fans: Congratulations. Also, you may not realize this, but you didn't actually win the Super Bowl today. There are 15 more games to play."

You know what, non-Redskins fans? Go back home if our exuberance about our team chaps your butt so much. I'm sure you are dearly missed in Pittsburgh or Boston or New York or wherever it is you're from.

The chief argument I hear from these relentless killjoys is that Skins fans have no sense of reality, and that we get overly excited about small successes, but the last time I checked, irrational exuberance was part of the definition of being a fan.

I honestly don't think we're different from any other fans, anywhere, apart from the fact that we have a large, unwelcome audience of unwanted guests constantly monitoring our every move.

I'm about to go on a massive Facebook blocking and unfriending spree, and the next person who complains about my happiness to my face is likely to taste my elbow (providing he is male, smaller than me and I think I can get away with it).

Thank you for listening.

/end rant.

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