Which Former Redskin Would Help Our Current Team Most (and ditto for the rest of the NFC East)?

If you could bring back one Redskin great to play for our current squad, who would you pick? How about for the other teams in the NFC East (but with their former players, not ours)?

The Rules:

- You can bring back one former player to play on each team's current roster.

- You get the player in his prime for three years, then he disappears into another time parallel or something. He's immune to injury.

- You can only pick players who played for the team for the majority of their career (i.e. no Montana to KC, no Reggie to the Packers, etc).

- You cannot pick active players (i.e. no bringing Peyton back to the Colts).

Redskins: If I was going QB, Sammy Baugh would be the pick, but I'm not going QB because I believe in Griff, and I think it'd be better to choose a player at a more glaring positional weakness. The same reasoning rules out Riggins and Monk, although he'd be a great target for a young Bob Griffin. Darrell Green and Josh Wilson on the outside WRs with Hall playing nickel sounds pretty nice. My heart says Sean Taylor, but if I'm honestly trying to improve the team as best I can, I'm going with Chris Samuels. Trent moves over to the right, and suddenly we have the best tackle tandem in the league. We protect our most important player (Griffin) both directly (pass protection) and indirectly (improved run game). Young Griff gets a better chance at staying healthy, and has more time to throw. To old-schoolers who might say Joe Jacoby deserves the nod over Samuels, I'd suggest that Samuels is better in pass protection, and his athleticism is more suited to today's game.

Cowboys: Roy Williams, because he's Santana Moss's bitch. But if I'm trying to make Dallas better (which is still difficult to bring myself to do, even hypothetically), I'm going with Michael Irvin. I don't buy into the "Romo is a choker" stuff, so I don't think it's worth it to bring in Staubach or Aikman. Emmitt is the greatest Cowboy of all time and Tony Dorsett may have actually been the better back, but I don't think the addition of either player would make as much impact as that of Irvin. Even by today's standards, Irvin would be a physically dominant receiver. Between Irvin, Dez, Miles Austin, and Witten, the Cowboys passing attack would be virtually uncoverable. Yeah, I know their line sucks, and one could make a case for Larry Allen, but I think Romo's got the mojo to dance around in the pocket and get the ball to one of his four great receivers. With that corps, it'll only take about 3/4 of a second for someone to get wide open anyway. If worst comes to worst, he just hucks it up to Irvin or Dez, who are capable of snagging a jump ball over any DB with ease.

Giants: Two of the greatest all-time Giants are pass-rushers, which is a bummer because they already have an insanely good pass rush. LT or Strahan would be a bit redundant. I'd like to take a DB, but no former Giants are jumping out as great candidates. Phil Simms has to be considered, but Eli has proven himself a more-than-capable QB. On a team that doesn't have much in the way of glaring weaknesses, I'm tempted to go with Tiki Barber, who I think was a little underrated in his time. Harry Carson would be a solid pick to pile up tackles behind that great penetrating defensive front. Actually, I'm overthinking this. I'm taking LT, and he can play safety for all I care. Shoot, just rush him, JPP, Tuck, and Osi, and the opposing team would have to keep seven or eight guys in just to block those four.

Eagles: This is a really tough one for me. I think a case could be made for Brian Westbrook in an attempt to overwhelm a defense with too many offensive weapons. Reggie White is the best Eagle of all time, but it would be a shame to bench Babin or Cole. Chuck Bednarik would be a nice pick to shore up Philly's biggest positional weakness. However, I'm going with a QB, based on the reasoning that Vick is a rollercoaster of a passer and can't stay healthy. If you bring in Reggie White or Bednarik, you still inevitably end up with Nick Foles or Trent Edwards as your QB at some point in the season. The Eagles have a strong enough roster that I think bringing in a more consistent (in both performance and health) quarterback would make them a Super Bowl favorite. Some might go with Randall Cunningham. It feels weird, but I'm gonna pick the very recently retired Donovan McNabb. Since I'm getting him in his prime, he's actually still a huge threat to run the ball. Remember that McNabb consistently had an incredibly weak group of wide receivers. In his one season with a functional T.O., he made the Super Bowl. Maclin and Jackson would be the best tandem he's ever thrown to, and he'd have his Westbrook clone in McCoy. McNabb in his prime makes that offense more dangerous than Vick does, and he's guaranteed to stay healthy, so he's my pick.

What do you guys think? Who would you pick? How the hell did I end up taking Don Burgundy over Reggie White? Weigh in with your thoughts below. If it gets a good conversation going, maybe we can look at another division next week.

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