Ok, Let's Let 'em Loose, Guys...2012 Redskins Season Predictions

I'm sure our fine editors and A-team contributors will have a much better post on this at some point, but the season has officially started. Knowing what we know about this team, and other teams in the league, what are your predictions for the 2012 season?

First, I believe the Redskins will go 8-8 this year. This should be considered a successful move in the right direction. In fact, I will consider 7-9 a success, and I think it is a strong possibility that we should take the over on Vegas's 6.5 over/under on our wins this year. This isn't a "bad" team (nor is it quite a "good" team, either). I won't sit here and try to guess each game now. Some games, we will beat teams we shouldn't beat. Other games, we will lose to teams we should beat. That's how it goes for middling teams like the Redskins on any given Sunday (or Monday, or Thursday, or...ahhhh, you get the point).

Secondly, I believe Robert Griffin III will have a fairly successful rookie campaign. I will throw out my projected stats for Bobby Griff...

288-496 (58.1 comp pct), 3,520 yds, 22 td, 15 int., 82.2 QB rating.
79 car, 427 yds, 5 td.

This is about a notch below Cam Newton's rookie season, but above Peyton Manning's (when Manning was surrounded by a lesser team and forced to do more, which is my reasoning).

I think we'll see our RBs rotate in and out. Eventually, I think Roy Helu will eventually become our leading rusher, with about 700-900 yards. However, Alfred Morris and Evan Royster (along with RG3) will contribute plenty. At WR, Pierre Garcon should have about 65-70 receptions, and push near 800-900 yards receiving. Moss will do well in the slot, but the interesting battle will be to see who breaks out as a full-time starter between Leonard Hankerson and Josh Morgan. Also, Fred Davis will not be as productive on a per-game basis...mainly because I think RG3 prefers throwing to wideouts. Still, Davis will be steady enough.

Defensively, our front 7 will be a rather dominant force in most games. This will mask our deficiencies in the secondary for the majority of our games this season, but there will be games where the opposing O-Line will block well enough that we will see some ugly performances from the DB's. Josh Wilson is solid enough, but DeAngelo Hall will need to step it up and Richard Crawford will have to show that he truly is a diamond in the rough and shine. Otherwise, we will need to lean on our safeties much more than I believe Shanny and Haslett would like. The pass rush will be vicious, though, and I think Kerrigan and Orakpo will combine for about 19 sacks between the two of them.

Brandon Banks...I wish I had a prediction for him, but I see either a huge breakout year or a huge bust of a year...and unfortunately, I'm leaning more towards the latter.

What do you guys think?

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