Postive Points to Ponder

I know the over the past couple of weeks have been tough for the Redskins and on us as fans. Losing 2 straight games we should have won, our defense is one of the worst in the league, two big time starters are out for the season and not to mention the two blocked punts. I feel like moral is down and i understand why but its time to look up.

Here are some positive points to ponder.

  • We already knew this but RG3 is legit. He has taken some pretty good beatings the past couple of weeks and has gotten back up and not to mention he has brought us back to almost tie/win two games now (rex would not have given us a chance).
  • We have the top scoring offense in the NFL, that right, you read that correctly. Our offense has scored 99 points so far, more than any other team. Also they have the most points per game average with 33.
  • We have the 2nd rated running game in the NFL, hard to believe this one too but only Kansas City has ran for more yards than the Redskins this year. Of course almost half of those rushing yards are from RG3, the future only looks bright for Alfred Morris and i would expect to see some big things from him in the near future.
  • We have the longest pass thrown so far this year. This is true too, Garcon's 88-yard TD is the longest by 8 yards.
  • We have the #6 rated QB in the NFL, when was the last time the Redskins could say that? Maybe 1991? I think last year Rex was always in the bottom 5.
  • We are ranked #4 is touch-backs this year. This sounds like a worthless stat but i guarantee we would have lost the last two games by much more (and maybe even the New Orleans game) if we had less touch-backs. field position is everything in this league.
  • Turnover ratio, any guesses? #2 with a +6 turnover ratio.
  • finally, the games we lost were close and they were not blow outs, we were actually in them until the final seconds. Some may argue look who they played but keep in mind this is the NFL, everyone is a pro or as DHall would say, "they get paid too". Any team can win any game at any time that is the nature of the league.

my message is simple and clear, lets stop being Debbie Downers. There is reason for hope for our team yet, even if we are last in the division again this year, we are heading in the right direction. Not to mention, it is a looooong season, many other teams will have the same devastating injuries, bad calls and penalties too. At some point the tide will change.

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