The Bengals Game Angered Me, but Gives Me Hope

Another aggravating loss as a Redskins fan. This time, we watched our secondary get torched and our pass rush get no pressure on Andy Dalton. Yes, our front 7 stopped the run...and yes, our team ran for over 200 yards. However, you cannot watch the combination of poor officiating and poor pass defense and not get worked up into a blistering fury.

However, for the second week in a row, despite our deficiencies, we have reason to hope...because we, for once, had reason to believe we could still win the game.

Robert Griffin III, for the second week in a row, worked the Redskins into position to manage at least a tie in the last minutes of a game. Against the Bengals D, he coolly moved this team from their own 1 yard line to inside the Bengals 20 before a bad bit of pass protection, combined with a false start and a phantom misconduct penalty took the Skins out of range...all this happened with less than 2 minutes on the clock, no timeouts, and even an injury to arguably the most talented WR left on the field (Hankerson)

Still, as you watched the game unfold, you had to feel like "hey, we still have a shot, RG3 can get this offense down the field." When was the last time you truly felt this way when watching the Skins play?

Griffin's efficiency, even when everyone else around him is anything but efficient, is amazing. Yes, he was sacked 6 times. However, going 21-34 for 221 yards and a td with no turnovers in a game where he was being bashed and battered is impressive. Alfred Morris ran the ball hard today. Leonard Hankerson and Fred Davis showed up. We finally got to see some Roy Helu action in the passing game. It is clear that Pierre Garcon's absence takes away some of the playmaking ability of the passing game (as he is our biggest game-breaker). Hopefully, he returns soon and adds that missing dynamic for our offense.

For the first time, we saw our team make notable halftime adjustments. The offense came out on fire, and the defense played well until the back-to-back 4th quarter TD's.

All-in-all, for the first time in a long time, I feel like we have a shot to win every game we are in, no matter who we are facing. We have the offensive ability for the first time since the 2005 season. Now, if our D can get back on track, we may have the makings of a solid season.

It's just nice to have real hope for once...

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