Are Sunday’s defensive player losses as bad as we fear? Maybe ...

Bare with me please when we come to stats. Been crunching numbers for 3 days, copying rosters, noting DB’s and F7 players, calculating totals for each Def. group to get %’s, so "very minor" flaws possible.

If this were a year or two ago, I too would be upset over the loss

of Carriker and Orakpo. But this is 2012 and from early on we have

been trumpeting the depth and quality we have, especially with our defenses Front 7.

Tandler on April 10, 2012, 6:10 am, " Redskins have solid depth at defensive end".

We mostly have agreed.

I decided to look at the stats of defensive solo tackles only, ignoring sacks, hurries and PD’s for now, to see if they bear witness to Rich Tandler’s and our assertion, that our Front 7 is not only deep but good. I thought my research would bare this out completely, but hold on there …

The school of thought concerning the strength of play of our Front 7 (F7) positions, is that they would make up for the weakness of our DB’s. Stats have not borne this out quite yet.

Redskins F7 have made only 42% of all solo tackles, compared to our DB’s making 58%. Wow, we "are" way ahead of conference foe NY Giants F7 who made only 21% of solo tackles, but we are behind the Bengals F7 who made 49% of all solo tackles. Bengals are closer to where we need to be, but 2 game winner & foe Eagles are where we "need" to be with their F7 making 62 % of all solo tackles.

Here are more stat breakdowns of solo tackles excluding sacks, to consider.

DB position solo tackles through game 2 are: Madieu Williams 12, DeAngelo Hall 11, DeJon Gomes 9, Cedric Griffin 8, Josh Wilson 5, Reed Doughty 3, Richard Crawford 3. Total DB solo tackles = 51 of 87 or again 58 %.

Front 7 position solo tackles through game 2 are: Perry Riley 10, London Fletcher 8, Brian Orakpo 5, Ryan Kerrigan 4, Lorenzo Alexander 3, Stephen Bowen 3, Adam Carriker 1, Rob Jackson 1, Jarvis Jenkins 1, and BarryCofield 0 + Golsten 0 solo tackles. Total solo tackles = 36 of 87, again 42%.

Up to the point of his injury, Carriker had only 1 solo tackle. I know that is not the sum of his contribution, but it does say something, same with Stephen Bowen on the other side with 2. Barry Coefield and Chris Baker at NT have 0 – that’s zero tackles to date.

The high 58% of solo tackles made by our DB’s- 4 positions compared to 7, is killing us. I wish I could break down the run vs pass tackles of DB,’s but I can’t.

Above stats were the jist of my post. If bored, stop here.

Unanswered questions are, can backups Golston with 0 and Jenkins-1 solo tackle, equal Adam Carriker’s production? Of course they can and Jenkins has the perfect opportunity to show he is the player we’ve hoped he is.

That brings us finally to Orakpo, who had 5 solo’s, 1 QB sack and 3 passes defended also-not bad at all and what we expected from our best pass rusher. Clearly the bigger loss. I know, we figured that before the stats. Is it a far stretch to think that backups Jackson, Wilson and White or the combo of all 3 can at least match half of Rak’s production? Hope not. Can Kerrigan with 5 tackles and 1 sack to date, step up his play a little to help cover the difference, as he has acknowledged he needs to? That won’t be easy without Orakpo drawing double teams, but we can hope. If I had access to game film, I would look to see if this actually happened often.

On a separate note, one obvious thing we need to do is reduce penalties, especially the big ones. Redskins top the post-game 2 list with 23 for 223 yards-mostly Offense, but Defense with 2 off-sides I think, 2 def. holding and 2 pass int. could do better if they reduced these.

Note: Bengals only have 9 penalties.

Your thoughts on how can we get improvement on Defense or make up for our losses there?

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