Hating With H8 : St. Louis Edition

Good morning H8ers. Usually I start out my weekly “Hating With H8″ op-ed by pointing out fairly obvious things about the Redskins’ opposition and their fans.

But I love the Rams. They passed on Robert Griffin III and traded him to us, because quite obviously they already have a franchise quarterback…he’s just “developing.”

RGIII was not cheap however, costing us three first round picks and a second, but that’s just fine. St. Louis will use those picks on mediocre defensive tackles who will be traded back to us for a swap of sixth rounders, at which point we’ll convert them to end and they’ll be awesome.

Enough of the pleasantries, I need to discuss a game plan for stopping the Rams, starting with quarterback Sam Bradford.

How do you stop him? Sam Bradford’s eyes look in two different directions at once. Where are you going with the ball Sam? Amendola? Jackson? Coach Fisher? Nebraska?

Stopping Bradford all starts up front, with the defensive line, who faces a tough task even with the Rams being down a left tackle and center. You see, according to SB Nation contributor Ryan Van Bibber, the Redskins have the worst defensive line in the universe. There’s no chance they’ll lay a finger on Bradford.

Then of course we must worry about Steven Jackson, who has had 8 million carries over the past five years. How is he not dead? I’m pretty sure the plan for Jackson going forward is this:

Put him in wheelchair. Tie rope from Jackson to the waist of the full back. Give Jackson ball. Let fullback pull Jackson around field.

Even then, I’m not sure the Redskins’ worst defensive line in recorded history could stop him.

And what about ULTIMATE FANTASY SLEEPER Danny Amendola huh? Who’s gonna cover him? DeAngelo Hall? Fat chance. Josh Wilson? You’re dreaming. We better get good ol’ number 28 out of retirement if we want a puncher’s chance in stopping those two-yard catches.

Gotta be honest guys and gals, not feeling too good about this one.

Skins win by only 21. 34-13.<!--MORE-->

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