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With the most wonderful time of the year to be a Redskins fan nearly over, the offseason, I figured it would be nice to have a post where we could all throw around the names of some players we might want to pick up. Whether you call it dumpster diving or checking the NFL sluice box, certain aspects of our roster could use an upgrade.
For me, there are four players that stand out where I would start the discussion. Given that they have all just been released, we shouldn't expect them to be the perfect prospects. However, here's my take on their upside and potential pitfalls.

Kareem McKenzie

Cons - He's a 33 year old vet that has struggled against speed rushers the last couple of years. His 5.33 speed is not a great fit for the zone blocking scheme either.

Pros - He plays tackle. While I could stop there, I will also say that he's a punishing run blocker that has missed only 7 games in 7 years en route to 2 championships. He started every game for the Giants last year. With Jah Reid out of the mix, McKenzie is my first option at tackle.

Cliff Harris

Cons - The once heralded recruit famously got kicked out of Oregon due to traffic violations and a marijuana possession charge. The Skins don't need any more pothead idiots, and he got dinged up in the preseason making him expendable to an Eagles squad loaded with cornerback talent.

Pros - He's a gifted 21 year old athlete who is also dangerous in the return game when healthy. While his off the field issues give me pause, the Skins are awfully close to a beggars can't be choosers scenario in our defensive backfield. If his injuries are less than career changing, his upside is extremely tantalizing.

Joselio Hanson

Cons - 31 year old slot corners that have played for the Frankfurt Galaxy aren't exactly the cream of the crop. Hanson has also received a drug suspension by the NFL only to have it lifted shortly thereafter. Also, at 5-9, 185 lbs, Hanson can't fill a safety role if called upon.

Pros - The only reason the Eagles let Hanson go is because he was supplanted by rookie Brandon Boykin. He's a solid player that packs a lunch and goes to work every week. We could do a lot worse...ahem...Cedric Griffin.

Terrance Ganaway

Cons - Despite his size, Ganaway is unlikely to fill a hole at fullback should Young's injuries continue to get the better of him. His blocking is subpar at best, as he continues to display the stellar technique of lowering his head and diving toward defenders in pass pro.

Pros - Kid's a bruiser that led the Big 12 in rushing last year. He's around 6 feet tall, 240 lbs, and runs in the low 4.5 range. On top of that, he would be reunited with his college signal caller, providing the best opportunity for him to succeed at the next level. If you aren't in love with Alfred Morris like I am, or if you think Royster is blah and Helu can't stay Heluthy, then Ganaway would be a solid addition to our RB corps that could go to the practice squad for the time being.

Agree? Disagree? Who's on your radar? Any mention of Vince Young will result in a permanent banning.
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