The roster

Here are some of my thoughts

We have some talent on offense now and we will have to juggle some things

I have us keeping , Garcon , Hankerson , Moss, Morgan, Briscoe and Robinson . The telling thing on Banks is that in preseason game 3 they put in guys (Paul and Moss) to see if they could replace you. Some one will grab banks for sure . I dont see AA or Austin being better then the top 6 I have listed

Morris has made a mess of things at RB in a good way . You have to keep him . I cant see him slipping through to the PS and to be honest this kid could start for us day one (possible homerism here but he has talent ) I think you keep Hightower, and now you have Royster and Helu both good young Rbs and proven somewhat . I think Royster is your day one starter and i cant see you cutting a speed merchant like Helu

At Te I think Davis and Paul are locks . Paul is the 3rd TE and he is a lock because he can play WR, return kicks , blocks fairly well, and he covers kickoffs and punts . The rub here is Cooley has a 4.3 mil cap hit and can play FB but Paulson is younger and our best blocker . I dont know which way to go here but a hard cut may come from here .

At qb . here is another hard choice . Do you keep Rex as the veteran who knows the offense for a sense of security or do you gamble on Cousins AT 2 knowing most likely you can pick up Rex again since no one will want him . If you keep 3 qbs you eat up a spot for the 4th rb or 4th TE.

Also do you keep only 8 o/lineman to save a spot ? I have Williams , Stieger , Monty ,Chester and Polumbus as the starters . I think you keep Leribeus as one back -up . Do you go with Black and Gettis or Black in Compton , or is Black even in the mix ? Do you keep Hurt over Black and try to slide Gettis ,or Compton to the PS (or both )

Who wins the Kicker dual ? Is it Rackers or Gano ? Gano has the better leg on kickoffs but to me Rackers is the more reliable under pressure . Or do you see if Gano finally reaches his potential ? This one is hard but i like Rackers however if Gano bombs again you can bring Rackers back . I reluctantly choose Gano and hope he gets it this year

At safety I think Merriweather , Jackson , Williams , and Gomes make it . Doughty is cut and Bernstine is to the PS

At Cb Hall , Wilson , Griffin ,Crawford make it . I might keep Barnes reluctantly .

At LB I keep LBF, Riley , Rak Kerrigan , Jackson , Alexander . I keep Robinson because he is such a great athlete at ILB and I keep the younger White over Wilson athough Wilson showed well

Those are the spots i think we have hard choices to make . The D/line is set with Bowen , Carriker , Jenkins , Coefield , Baker and Golston

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