Another Depth Chart

Hello! We are back here again, and the last time i did this was pre-draft. So obviously there will A LOT of adjustments from my last 'projected depth chart'. Once again, enjoy, and please share opinions. Also, i may update this after every preseason game... maybe.

Offense: 28

QB: (1) Robert Griffin III, (2) Rex Grossman, (3) Kirk Cousins

BTW, Rex is only second on this depth chart because Cousins is a rookie. I honestly think Cousins has more raw talent than Rex. Unless you consider throwing to the wrong team talent.

HB: (1) Tim Hightower, (2/3) Evan Royster, (2/3) Roy Helu Jr., (4) Alfred Morris

Assuming Tim Hightower is healthy, he should be the #1 back. This has been hammered into my brain for the last month. Now he isn't healthy right now and Royster got the start *which i predicted April 14th crazily enough*. I think Royster and Helu Jr. both bring incredible talent and two very different ways. Alfred Morris i truly believe can make the final roster because he has (already) displayed a lot of good talent running the ball. He reminds me of a younger more instinctive Ryan Torain (he even looks like him, and wears the same number).

FB: (1) Darrell Young

LT: (1) Trent Williams, (2) Willie Smith

*Trent has been a BEAST in practice and proved it even more so in the game against Buffalo. And, of course, he got hurt. Now granted, we were told he just had his foot stepped on and X-rays were negative, but he might be out next week against Chicago. I hope he gets back soon, because he might be our second best player on offense.

LG: (1) Kory Lichtensteiger, (2) Maurice Hurt

*Mo Hurt looked like he got beat a lot in run coverage against Buffalo... this will improve with more reps i hope. I also hope that Kory can be back by the game against the Saints.

C: (1) Will Montgomery, (2) Josh LeRebius

RG: (1) Chris Chester, (2) Adam Gettis

*In Chesters Absence, Adam Gettis played pretty damn well. Regardless, I'd rather have Chester in there.

RT: (1) Jammal Brown, (2) Tyler Polumbus, (3) Jordan Black

*Tyler Polumbus played almost half the season last year at RT for us, and did an OK job. Against Buffalo he did great job stopping Mario Williams from getting to RG3, but then again most of RG3s plays were quick passes/ hand offs. With all that said I'm predicting that Jammal Brown is probably going to end up on IR for the year or get cut. I am only putting him here at one on the depth chart because i hope and pray he can magically get back to 100%.

WR: (1) Pierre Garcon, (2) Leonard Hankerson, (3/4) Santana Moss, (3/4) Josh Morgan, (5) Aldrick Robinson, (6) Anthony Armstrong/ Brandon Banks

I am really unclear about the 6th position here. Banks had a pretty awful outing as a WR against Buffalo, and every time he had a chance to do something on special teams, they kicked it out of bounds or the back of the end zone on him. I like banks, but if Richard Crawford (CB) keeps getting opportunities (unlike Banks) he might be expendable.

TE: (1) Fred Davis, (2) Chris Cooley, (3) Niles Paul

Doesn't look like a whole lot of good blocking TEs here huh? Well, i think Fred is much improved and Cooley isn't half bad either. I just think Shanahan likes Niles Paul too much to cut him. or maybe he is too stubborn to let his project TE get cut. either way, I don't see Paulsen making the final roster. Sorry buddy... you will be remembered. HIS NAME IS LOGAN PAULSEN.

Defense: 24

LE: (1) Stephen Bowen, (2) Jarvis Jenkins

oooh, Jarvis Jenkins switching sides this year? Well, that is what the 'official' depth chart is telling me now. Plus, this makes more sense. I don't think that the coaches want to pick between him and Carriker, who are similar in their play, so they swapped sides for him. I feel like these DE positions are constantly shifting and rotating in this defense anyway, so it doesn't really matter where i put them. these four DEs are making the team.

DT: (1) Barry Cofield, (2) Chris Baker, (3) Chris Neild

yep... 3 DTs. I'm sorry, but Chris Baker (UDFA) and Chris Neild (7th rd #253) are both too valuable to cut IMO. AND LOOK WHERE THEY WERE DRAFTED (UNDRAFTED)!!!! Chris Baker has been blowing it up in practice. No one can stop him on one-on-one drills. and Neild is a proven commodity after last years help in the rotation. Both these guys proved even more so they need to be on this team after stopping the Bills 9 TIMES on the goal line forcing them to kick (and miss) a FG.

RE: (1) Adam Carriker, (2) Kedric Golston

LOLB: (1) Brian Orakpo, (2) Rob Jackson

*It's too bad Orakpo is so good, because anywhere else Rob Jackson would be a starter. Our LB core is probably as deep, if not more, then our DL positions.

MLB: (1) London Fletcher, (2) Perry Riley, (3) Lorenzo Alexander

ROLB: (1) Ryan Kerrigan, (2) Markus White

*Despite the 2 times (in a row) Markus White lined up Offsides against Buffalo, his raw talent is just too good to cut.

CB: (1) DeAngelo Hall, (2) Josh Wilson, (3) Kevin Barnes, (4) Cedric Griffin, (5) Brandyn Thompson, (6) Richard Crawford

Josh Wilson seems to be the only definitive outside playing CB. Everyone else seems to float around. Richard Crawford is a question mark as far as making the roster goes... but you can't laugh at his 13.3 average yards per punt return and his INT he had against Buffalo. He went from being a definitive practice squad player, to a 'maybe i'll make the team' player. I explain why he may or may not make the roster a little lower as well.

FS: (1) Madieu Williams, (2) Dejon Gomes

SS: (1) Brandon Meriweather, (3) Reed Doughty


Special: 3

K: (1) Graham Gano

Yes. Graham Gano wins this stupid kicker battle. I am an avid Gano supporter. He's younger, he's stronger, and THOSE BLOCKS WEREN'T HIS FAULT. ahem, excuse me. Regardless, unless Rackers goes 8/8 with one 50+ in the preseason, i think it's a lock.

P: (1) Sav Rocca

LS: (1) Nick Sundberg

so, if you counted my players i have 55 total. OMG WHAT TO DO?!?!?!! Well... sorry but its preseason. there are a lot of battles going on, and as i see it, this is who i have.

okay fine. If i had to cut two players from my overloaded roster right now this is who would probably get the nix.

1. Alfred Morris (RB). I like him a lot but he could hide on the practice squad. Until one of our players blows an ACL. then he would get promoted... by probably week 4.

2. Either Brandon Banks (if he continues to tank in the preseason) or Richard Crawford. I feel like the specialty returner position is really between those two. Most likely Richard Crawford would drop off the depth chart onto the practice squad for two reasons. One is because he is a rookie and we can still stash him, and two is because Banks has more experience in the regular season regardless of what the preseason shows us. Yeah i understand they want to see him progress as a WR and not just as a KR, but honestly... i doubt we will ever go that deep into our WR depth. and if we do, we have bigger problems than knowing if Brandon Banks can play at that position.

What do ya think?

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