Bruce Allen Writes About Football in Place of Peter King's Weekly Coffee Column. Sort of.

Head coach Mike Shanahan (L) of the Washington Redskins speaks with general manager Bruce Allen during the second day of training camp July 30 2010 in Ashburn Virginia. (Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images)

Peter King’s Monday Morning Quarterback column, a weekly word-dump dedicated to coffee, his dog, minor-league baseball, riding the Acela Express, elbow-rubbing, equivocations and fruit beer, was written by Washington Redskins General Manager Bruce Allen this week while King took some vacation time.

If you didn’t read it, here are some of Allen’s thoughts from the column that I've taken the liberty to summarize:

- George Halas taught him his first "cuss" word. Packer.

- Allen still isn’t particularly fond of the $36 million salary cap penalty.

- Dan Snyder’s story epitomizes America being the land of opportunity.

- Allen looks forward to Thanksgiving in Dallas as long as Jerry Jones doesn’t make Clint Longley the honorary captain, which means Jerry Jones will probably make Clint Longley the honorary captain.

- Player names should be taken off the backs of jerseys.

- Awards should be named after legendary players.

- Kickoffs should be moved. No, not back to the 30-yard line, but forward to the 40-yard line.

- The BCS system has fewer problems than the new college playoff system will have.

There are a few more "nuggets" – to borrow a Peter King word– which I left out, but there is still a ton to digest here. For starters, the NFL probably wouldn’t be too cool with nameless jerseys because of marketing reasons, but I wouldn’t mind Allen’s hockey-esque* idea of using the names of legends to classify yearly awards. Unfortunately, besides that and his feelings about the cap penalty, there aren't any other bullet points that Allen and I can agree upon.

From there, I’ll turn it over to the comments section where hopefully a better example of America being the land of opportunity will emerge.

*and only in an article that mentions Peter King will I ever add "-esque" or "-ish" to a word.

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