An Idiot Abroad: Pound for pound, who is the most athletic Redskin?

There is talk in boxing as to who is 'pound for pound' the best in the business. The concept behind it is that if both guys fought at the same weight, who would come out on top. It's very subjective and opinion based, but I thought about how it could be applied to the athletes on the 'Skins roster. Instead of using my opinion, I used the data gathered at combines and pro-days and used an equation which factored in the athletes body weight.

Before I go any further I just want to say that there were a number of players who didn't have any data on record, or not enough data to fulfill the requirements of the equation. Also, I'm not sure how reliable some of the information is because most of it was from different sources, or pro-day numbers which are hand timed, performed on different surfaces and therefore less accurate. Bare in mind that these numbers were from when the athlete first entered the league so their weights and athleticism will have changed since. (I also suck at Maths, which doesn't help)

I stumbled across these formulas and decided to used them as a base point. After compiling all of the information and a few minor tweaks to some of the equations, I poked around in Excel until I had a 'Speed Score', 'Agility Score' and 'Explosion Score' for each athlete that met the criteria. These formulas aren't perfect, so if you can think of any way to improve them let me know!

Speed Score

I thought the 'Speed Score' was solid, because it accounted for acceleration and speed while changing direction as apposed to pure straight line speed.

The formula I used for 'Speed Score' is as follows

(Weight * 300)/(40 Yard Dash*20 Yard Split*10 Yard Split*20 Yard Shuttle*3 Cone Drill)

Top 5

  1. DeAngelo Hall - 154
  2. Roy Helu - 146
  3. Adam Carriker - 137
  4. Niles Paul - 135
  5. Darrel Young - 134

Bottom 5

  1. Terrance Austin - 89
  2. Tyler Polumbus - 85
  3. Erik Cook - 78
  4. Willie Smith - 78
  5. Maurice Hurt - 75

Agility Score

This is the formula I'm least happy with as it really seems to favor heavier players. I think having more data would have made this easier to work with, because I tried increasing and decreasing the constants but it didn't have much of an effect.

The Agility score is calculated like so;

(Weight*25)/(2*20 Yard Shuttle*3 Scone Drill)

Top 5

  1. Adam Carriker - 126
  2. Chris Baker - 122
  3. Will Montgomery - 119
  4. Chris Neild - 118
  5. Barry Cofield - 118

Bottom 5

  1. Antwon Bailey - 76
  2. Josh Wilson - 75
  3. Richard Crawford - 71
  4. Terrance Austin - 70
  5. Brandon Banks - 63

Explosion Score

The formula for the 'Explosion Score' is;

(Weight+Broad Jump*Vertical Leap)/(10 Yard Split*25)

Best 5

  1. Jordan Bernstein - 141
  2. Brian Orakpo - 138
  3. Josh Morgan - 136
  4. Kevin Barnes - 135
  5. Aldrick Robinson - 135

Worst 5

  1. Erik Cook - 71
  2. Grant Garner - 67
  3. Jarvis Jenkins - 65
  4. Nick Martinez - 65
  5. Korey Lichtensteiger - 61

Overall Score

This one was nice and simple, I ranked all of the athletes in the individual categories and then totaled them up (the lower score the better)

The Hall of Shame

  1. Antwon Bailey - 149
  2. Brandon Banks - 149
  3. Nick Martinez - 142
  4. Erik Cook - 140
  5. Maurice Hurt - 138
  6. Willie Smith - 135
  7. Terrance Austin - 133
  8. Tyler Polumbus - 129
  9. Jonathan Crompton - 128
  10. Lennon Creer - 127

The Hall of Fame

  1. DeAngelo Hall - 22
  2. Brian Orakpo - 33
  3. Roy Helu - 35
  4. Adam Carriker - 38
  5. Ryan Kerrigan - 50
  6. Niles Paul - 54
  7. Josh Morgan - 55
  8. Bryan Kehl - 57
  9. Pierre Garcon - 58
  10. Chris Baker - 58

So there you have it, a list of numbers that don't actually mean anything! What does this tell us though? That the extreme boredom of the off-season has driven me to number crunching... Seriously though, I hope you guys have found this insightful. It's really reassuring for me to see that the three prime candidates to start at Right Tackle just so happen to be three of the worst athletes on our roster... If there is anyone not on the list who you'd like the numbers for, let me know. I can also send the Excel sheet for anyone that want's to see it.


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