Team USA - American Football style

So with the Summer Olympics starting here shortly, I realized something, I honestly care nothing about the Summer Olympics. Call me unpatriotic, I'm sorry, but I'd rather watch Gio finish with 8 K's than a dude on a balance beam. Just my preference, not to take anything away from those athletes. In fact, the only time I do care about the Olympics is when we have hockey in the Winter. Then I'm all in.

But with that epiphany came a thought. The day I watch the coverage of the Summer Olympics is the day I see Aaron Rodgers tossing dimes down the sideline to Calvin Johnson for Team USA. Now I know this is all for not, but hey, why the heck not, I wanna make a Team USA Football Roster!

If we see the best NBAer's making our squad, imagine the names if we had nothing but a bunch of NFL stars dawning the Red, White and Blue. (Pro Bowl uniforms aside).

I'm interested in what everyone's roster would look like or if they agree/disagree with mine, but here it is.

First name under position symbolizes the starter, second would be 2nd team:


Aaron Rodgers GB
Tom Brady NE

LeSean McCoy PHI
Arian Foster HOU

Michael Robinson SEA
Vonta Leach BAL

Calvin Johnson DET
Larry Fitzgerald ARI
AJ Green CIN
Greg Jennings GB

Jimmy Graham NO
Rob Gronkowski NE

Ryan Clady DEN
Joe Thomas CLE
Jake Long MIA
Joe Staley SF

Carl Nicks TB
Ben Grubbs BAL
Logan Mankins NE
Jahri Evans NO

Nick Mangold NYJ
Ryan Kalil CAR


DEFENSE (Standard 4-3)

Patrick Willis SF
London Fletcher WAS

Von Miller DEN
DaMarcus Ware DAL
Terrell Suggs BAL
Jon Beason CAR

Jason Pierre-Paul NYG
Jared Allen MIN
Chris Long STL
Justin Tuck NYG

Haloti Ngata BAL
Justin Smith SF
Ndamukong Suh DET
BJ Raji GB
Jay Ratliff DAL
Phil Taylor CLE

Darrelle Revis NYJ
Nnamdi Asomugha PHI
Champ Bailey DEN
Joe Haden CLE

Troy Polamalu PIT
Eric Berry KC

Ed Reed BAL
Malcolm Jenkins NO

- Was thinking Brees but had to go with Brady.
- Don't know just how healthy Adrian Peterson's knee is.
- I don't like Rob Gronkowski, but he is one of the top TEs in the league right now.
- Couldn't go with Ray Lewis, I think Willis and Fletcher are just as impressive.
- I know a lot of my OLB are 3-4 guys, but I like them in coverage just the same.
- Was thinking about putting Charles Woodson at FS.

So please, give me your tweaks and alterations, criticize my roster spots, have at it.

Oh, and Mason Crosby at Kicker, Shane Lechler at Punter. Hester or Patrick Peterson as primary kick/punt returner?

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