Ok Let's Get it Started

Alright lets get it going...

The one trend I've noticed is that most given an opportunity to voice there opinion dismiss us as a novel afterthought. With issues on the O-line in the Secondary and some say at RB were given little or no chance to do anything more than get RGIII killed...

Well I'm not calling for the "Bandwagon" to be dusted off but I'm really looking forward to seeing some jaws drop. This is definitely not one of the leagues elite by a longshot and they are still light as far as depth in areas.

But what we have now that we havn't in quit a few seasons is the foundation of a "Team".

No we don't have a bell cow running back but we've got is a group of guys that made defenses take notice even when they where running behind a patchwork line... What we do have is a defense scraps and will be in the third season of playing a 3-4 scheme that they are getting better equipped to run...

They have put together a receiving corp that should be better equipped to take advantage of a offense that gains yards even with the other RGIII (Rex Grossman III) at the helm. Reduce the number of turnovers that stopped drives in there tracks and killed momentum and it could add 2 maybe three wins...

This team is at an important juncture it needs to win at the same time it's breaking in a new QB.. They must be careful not to sacrifice the future for a few more wins now. This is where the experience of Bruce Allen & Mike Shanahan must payoff. They must handle this one right. If RGIII is meant to be a rookie phenom he will be but they cannot force a square peg into around hole ala(Jason Campbell).

Most believe RGIII athletic play will be this teams main threat but I honestly believe this offense will have more of a stronge balanced attack than anyone believes. And that's what I think will give them a solid chance to add three victories to last seasons total.

If this team is 8-7 going into the final week of the season with a possibility of post season play in the balance...I'd be quite satisfied and by the we could also be holding the Cowpokes post season chances in our hands since I believe they are our final regular season game opponents December could very well be Sweet!

I could be in the minority but I believe this season will be about more than RGIII... I believe two believed to be deadwood Chris Cooley & Santana Moss will have Pro Bowl seasons and make us relevant in 2012

Alight guys & gals. It's On! Bring It

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