Fred Davis should do whatever it takes to make his legal sagas go away

By Mark Pierce

In the heart of every true Redskins fan there is a special space of forgiveness for the travesties of the past. Each new season is looked upon as a fresh start. We, who have lived every soul killing moment of the Jim Zorn swinging gate fiasco and Albert Haynesworth's lying breathless as a schoolgirl on the turf, are nothing if not forgiving. New season, clean slate.

That is extremely fortunate for Fred Davis. As long as he produced up to his unquestionably high capacity, nobody was going to care about last season's legal blunders. But oops, he did it again. Now the spotlight turns to Davis once more, revealing a tawdry, eighteen month old legal battle contested against an alleged madam named Makini Chaka. Really.

Davis claims the woman is attempting to extort money from him. She says Davis busted her lip and poured juice on her head. The entire affair reads depressingly like daytime reality television. How this drivel is rendered sufficiently worthy of the court's time is beyond me. But see for yourself. This is a court transcript, previously published on the DC Sports Bog.

Chaka: What's the date of today?

Davis: I don't know what today is. All I know is I had court today.

Chaka: You don't know what today's date is? His document is not even valid.

Davis: What are you talking about? . . .

Chaka: Well, according to your statement, to bullet No. 5, it says that this event happened December 3rd, 2012.

Davis: Okay, and, what about it?

Chaka: Has December 3rd, 2012 even happened yet?

Davis: What?

Chaka: What? That's the same thing I'm saying, Mr. Davis.

Davis: It was a misprint. Okay, December 3rd, 2011, okay, great.

The usual NFL player behavior template says that in instances like this, you lawyer up and make it go away. Not Davis. He is his own lawyer in this matter. Ahem. Really? Own lawyer, eh? Hmmm. I'll be.

Listen, I like comedy as much as the next guy, but enough is enough. The Washington Redskins are moving toward respectability, and you have to be all in or gone. C'mon Fred, make a call.

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