RGIII Still Not Signed-Outrage at Media Coverage?

By D. Chadwick Selbarry

WASHINGTON D.C.--Robert Griffin III remains unsigned going into Monday's Redskins' Rookie Camp, yet there has been little to no media coverage on this major issue going into the 2012 season.

As of 12:34am Texas Time, the latest search of many on this urgent situation have yielded the same disappointing result each time--a recapped story from "14 hours ago," which happened to be a piece from a fly-by-day blogger, who might I mention--did not appear to live any closer to DC than Tony Romo.

You will have to excuse me for the nauseating Romo reference, but I must disclose...I am a life-long Redskins' fan who has trapped himself in his native state of Texas.

Even then...As a Texan... I still must ask to anyone and everyone who covers the Redskins...What the hell am I missing here? Why aren't you guys doing more with this story?

And the same goes for you blogger types...

Why am I the only one on the entire world wide web (according to google) who is concerned RGIII remains unsigned?

I would think that this particular story angle is worthy of SOMETHING, given the overkill we have been seduced with over the past few months.

Why isn't the local media seducing this of all things?

Why doesn't anyone with a keyboard see this story worthy of even a blurb?

Is it because of Summer Vacation? Budget cuts?

Could it be via some electronic Cowboy Country Conspiracy?

The answer is much more ridiculous, and so much worse, I'm afraid....Redskins' media types have become glaze-eyed on anything and everything RGIII.

Which is not a crime--unless you work in the journalism/media business. That however, is another topic for discussion.

But honestly? Why not run a preview story over the weekend? Why not post a blurb from someone in the know of the contract situation?

Why, in the very least, is the local media or blogging world not captivating on this impending time-table? A time-table, on a topic that, let's be honest, dictates our entire fanhood at this point in our Skins' careers.

As I frantically type here from Texas, though, the local media sleeps peacefully tonight., dreaming restlessly of that next promotion, or the next team they will cover...

Never mind them, though. We've come to expect it by now.

Personally, I would have been happy with something like: "Griffin ate Tacos at the Local Burrito House this evening with his agent.." OR "Griffin is staying at the Waldoff with his family tonight..." OR..."His agent will be meeting with Redskins representatives throughout the night..."


ANYTHING would have been suffice.

As a Redskins' fan who doesn't live in the small confines of DC/Virginia/Maryland, I would prefer not to fathom this lack of coverage on any level of media. Folks like myself depend on online media to get our daily 'Skins' Fix. And surely I'm not the only one, as the fan-base runs deep still to this day. Surely, anything RGIII is a "cash-cow" money-making-topic, right?

Maybe it's a DC thing, and RGIII will simply wake up to eggs, bacon and a contract to sign.

Or maybe, he is in fact worthy of the shining-armor colored paint he has bestowed upon blinded eyes, and show up to camp later TODAY, unsigned, brandishing only his confidence of the still unproven Redskins front office...

As a blinded Redskins fan who has always believed in the best, despite being given the worst, even I can't imagine this happening.

But still. I don't expect much out of local sports departments. There is only so much they can do.

Who I am really concerned with? The blogger types.

Where are all of the insightful bloggers wanting answers?

Looking at the drop off in online content leading up until now, I have to ask myself: Can this be? Has The Crowned Prince of DC already fallen off of his White Horse even before the Coronation?

With all do credit, the Washington Post did a small piece five days ago.

The Post? Really? Are they to be considered a leader in the local sports scene for the first time in the post-Wilbon era? As an avid Redskins trapped in the Hell I call Dallas, I wouldn't have thought I could even make such a suggestion given the head-shaking monitoring I have done via the net over the past ten years. ESPN 980? Thursday's ten minute report and not a mention of the contract situation. The Fan touched on it, but have been a debacle in their coverage ever since their Outstanding coverage the night of The Trade.

As someone who works in the business, I would think that in the very least, someone locally would have had SOMETHING on the fact that the major newsmaker of the DC Sports World, RGIII, remains unsigned as of July 16, 2012--which according to media reports, is something he did not want to see happen.

At the end of the day...I'm greatly disappointed in every single media outlet that claims to cover the Washington Redskins.

I could do what you do from here, so please use your contacts and resources and step up your game before the season begins..

I have never blogged before, ever, but am fed up as evidenced by this commentary. I'd do anything in fact, to get proper coverage of the team we all know will eventually cash the check that our hearts couldn't t cash for the past two decades.

Hail to The Mighty Redskins!

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