Band Wagon Attention is Now Easterly and Uninhibitedly Rammed and Yelled into Sportsfan's Minds

Band Wagon A.N.E.U.R.Y.S.M.

Apparently I felt too happy today. I had just gotten back from my new job, I had a wad of cash and I decided to look at some sports news. Stabbing my face with decorative spoons would have been better.

Before I tell you of how awful the mistake I made of looking at mainstream sports media just abide by this warning. NEVER got to or ESPN's home page for sports news. If anything go straight to the nfc east blog.

As I was saying I was looking up some football news on when I noticed an article about the Packers. It was on how their defense looked like crap last year and how they should improve. Now this would be a great article idea if only their writers used common since for their topics. Apparently, teams like the Patriots, Packers and Saints are supposed to magically get better in one season because they drafted LBs. What they fail to notice is that these teams had shitty pass defenses. And lets be honest NO defense improves drastically because they have first year players. "What about the '81 49ers?" What about them? They had Fred Dean up front which helped them get ints.

You're probably wondering "Gee Jason, how does this effect me as a 'Skins fan?" Well my brethren first of it's "affect" and second of all it ricochets more troll and smack talk abuse at us.

Ever wonder where exactly these Cowgirl fans and bandwagon fans get the idea of their teams being so great? Look no further than the mainstream sports news. Just think, If you know nothing of sports where are you going to go? "Uh dur, nfl is what I be watching, maybe is a thing." or "Hmmmm, ESPN say its commercials say that it has a website, me go there" (In the verbiage of a idiot band-wagoner). This is where trolls are made. Just think about being a soft-minded sports fan and watching this...

RG3 has slight character problems? BANG! race issue. This is the public perception of Redskins fans, combine that with our trolls and we're basically Nazis.(If you've never seen a Redskins troll pray you don't, they are the most unrealistic Kool-Aid tranced trolls ever).

This doesn't only affect Skins fans, but other faithful fans of bad teams in good divisions. I.E. Rams, Browns, Vikings and Cheifs. The most faithful fans get a bad rep because it's a no no to root for bad teams. In other words "If your team isn't good you deserve to be trolled"

I'd give you more proof but I get the feeling you know what I'm talking about.

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