Slow News Day: Grab a Beer with a Redskin

"Yea coach there's a Hooters right down Landover Road, I've been there with Kyle before"

In college nothing beat porch drinking. You'd sit outside with a couple of your boys, some cold brews, no TV, and just shoot the stuff (we have young readers) for hours on end. Everyone has a fantasy list of a guy you'd like to grab a beer with and just talk to. Everyone knows the best ideas come on those bar napkins and some even manifest into a hell of night. But who on the Redskins would you like to sit down and grab a beer with?

Rex Grossman: I think I really might go with Rex on this one. He's certainly a bro and would probably have some pretty awesome stories from Florida and Bears days. You know he'd dish on the coaches a little bit too.

Chris Cooley: He's everybody's every day guy right? I can't decide if Cooley would be chill enough though, he might be that guy that just can't sit for a couple hours because he wants to do something crazy.

DeAngelo Hall: We all know he loves Belgian Whites, but I have a feeling DHall would not stop talking and it would mostly be about himself.

London Fletcher: Too old, he probably wouldn't drink much and would just fall asleep after 30 minutes.

Chris Neild: Neild is either that dude that can drink a ton and stay chill throughout the season or a guy that get's hammered and ends up fighting someone. It's a toss up, choose wisely.

Sav Rocca: It would be a fun night, but you know you're going to end up getting head butted.

Adam Carriker: Now this might be a winner! If you follow Carriker on twitter or facebook you know he is just "that guy" from any group of friends. The guy just comes up with some hilarious stuff.

Shanny: You know he likes Hooters, doesn't like JimmyK, and has some great stories. This could be another very solid choice.

Who Else?

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