Trent Williams: "Bruce reassured me if he had the 4th pick again, he'd take me again"

ASHBURN, VA - JULY 29: Trent Williams #71 of the Washington Redskins looks on during the first day of training camp at Redskins Park on July 29, 2011 in Ashburn, Virginia. (Photo by Mitchell Layton/Getty Images)

It's pretty rare to hear any Redskin speak so candid these days, but the Redskins Left Tackle, Trent Williams, did just that in his interview yesterday with ESPN980's Kevin Sheenan and Thom Loverro. The audio is here. Trent talks about the Redskins having full trust in him, a funny story of how Robert Griffin III has already commanded the huddle, and how Jammal Brown is 100% and for sure is the starting Right Tackle as long as he stays healthy.

Do you feel a sense of pressure to make Coach Foerster, Coach Shanahan and the other coaches feel like that they made the right pick with the fourth pick?

Trent: I talked to Bruce, and Bruce reassured me if he had the 4th pick again, he'd take me again. As far as my on the field play, it's stepped up every game and every game I've made progress. Right before the suspension I thought I was at a Pro Bowl level. In my opinion, I feel like I played hard and played tough. I had my assignments down. It was just that one mistake, and I know it'll be a cloud for the longest [time], but that's a mistake I made and I got to learn from it. I'm not really mad about the media attention that it gets because it all stems from me making the choice I did.

Adjusting to the offense and for a unique QB like RG3. How is that different for you?

I expect it to be a tad bit easier because he can elude defenders. I see my job as being easier. If someone do miss a block, he got the chance to break and retain and go 40 yards down the field, if not a touchdown. Everyone knows the lulls that rookie Quarterbacks go thorugh. I pray he doesn't have any, but I suspect him to grow...and this offense is complicated. We're not looking for perfect. He's the best we got, so his best is going to be our best.

What's your impression on RG3 so far...what do the vets think?

We love him. He's made some throws on tape that makes people's mouth drop. Like how did he get that ball in there? He has poise in the pocket. Great feet. Great leader. Natural born leader. Very smart guy. Very down to Earth. Humble. I don't want to brag on him too much, but from what I've seen, it's hard not too.

He commands the huddle. I'll be in the huddle joking around and he walks in, taps me, and kind of tells me to be quiet while he calls the play. That's impressive for a rookie to have that kind of command over a huddle.

They then talked about pee-wee football where Trent played as a Tailback before his weight class moved him to the OLine.

Another key gem is that he said Jammal is 100% and will be the starter as long as he's healthy.

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