Dumb, non-football related post

Gotta tell you guys a quick story. Sorry, as it really doesn't pertain to football(well, to our english friends it does), but I consider you guys my second family, so like any proud father would, I will share my story.

My 5 year old had his second soccer game today(yeah, he's still to young to play football). Evan is one of the younger ones in his K-garden class, and won't turn 6 until summer. Aside from that, he's a little pip squeek - didn't get my size as i'm 6' 3" 225.

So he out there today against this team of gigantic mutants with their faces painted(haha, swear it's true - farmington takes soccer very seriously), and a coach who is actually dressed up in Man U jersey, soccer shorts amd cleats with shin guards. He has his kids doing military like drills before the games, while our kids are running around playing tag, and grab-ass.

Now, before I get into the good stuff, let me give you a tad bit of history. I have installed a Pay-for-Performance system with Evan. Each goal he scores is worth $2. If he score 3 or more an excellerator kicks in, and each goal is worth $5. The team also gives each kid a chance to play goalie, so as an added incentive, if he is put in net, and doesn't allow a goal, he gets $5.

Well, last game he made $0. He ended up tripping the opposing teams coach, and decked a little boy in the back away from the play, resulting in the boy crying, and Evan having to take a T.O.

Today during pregame, I fired him up a bit. There was this huge kid on the other team(must have been recruited out of one of the neighboring towns or something) who looked to be at least 8 years old. I told Evan before the game that this kid was the best kid in the youth soccer league, and his goal was to stop him!

My little guy responded with 2 break-away goals. He just missed a 3rd where the ball bounced off the post, and one of our other players kicked it in. He also had one quarter at goalie where he stopped 2 shots, and didn't allow a goal.

Our team won 3-0, and I had parents coming up to me after the game asking me if I was Evan's dad(like there was even a doubt haha). Proud moment for a father. best of all, he kept their best player(the big mutant) from scoring, and actually made him cry by kicking him in the leg(accident of course)

Sorry for the stupid post. Just got caught up in the moment.

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