Prediction Row: Will Leonard Hankerson beat out Josh Morgan for the #2 spot?

written by AllRedskins21____________________________________________________________________

Prediction Row:

Leonard Hankerson will replace Josh Morgan in the starting lineup by Week 6 of the 2012 regular season.

When the Redskins' Front Office and Pierre Garcon inked a $42.5 million ($20.5mil guaranteed) contract, the question of who will be the Redskins #1 receiver was all but ended. That leaves Josh Morgan, whose comparative 5-year, $11.7mil contract, to somewhat pale in comparison.

So as it turns out, I'm pretty intrigued by the potential Josh Morgan vs. Leonard Hankerson match-up. The #1 worry for both of these players is injury. So barring any injury...

I believe the question of who will start the season as the #2 receiver is more obvious.

With four seasons under his belt, Josh Morgan (6'1, 215 lbs, 4.47{40 time}) provides a more veteran target in the prime of his career. I believe he will most certainly start the season, and with 9 total career touchdowns and 1,764 yards, he has the ability to use his body to box out defenders, and the reach to save some of RG3's more errant throws. However, with only 9 careers TD's in 4 seasons, that's not nearly enough track to secure a spot #2 for very long at all (despite a promising but short 2011 campaign that was ended after being placed on injury reserve in October).

Leonard Hankerson meanwhile (6'2, 209 lbs, 4.4 {40 time}), has become a Redskins wildcard and showed it in his 2011 debut season, even with John Beck at the helm for 2 of his 3 career games. Hankerson's best game was in Week 10 (8 receptions, 106 yards), and that was with Rex Grossman throwing to him... I'd love to see Griffin III/Hankerson in action. I think that for Hankerson to assume the starting role in just one offseason with only three starts to his name over veterans like Josh Morgan and Santana Moss, is just not realistic.

All that said, I don't think it will take long for Hankerson to prove his size, speed, and nose for the end zone (on performance during his college days at The U) are essential to RG3's development and ultimately Redskins victories. By Week 6, Hankerson will be lining up across from Garcon after the coin toss.

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