Does Draft Position Matter? Comparing the NFC East Offensive Lines

It has come up(rather frequently), that our beloved Redskins have not always put a top priority on using high draft picks on the offensive line; in other words, we are drafting or aquiring inferior talent.

Below is a breakdown of the linemen in the NFC East, and where they were drafted. The belief by some, is quality needs to come in the first three rounds, so let's take a look and see how our Skins compare to the rest of our division. Does draft position always represent quality?

Maybe just as important is where these prospects played their college ball, as level of competition certainly transulates to the NFL........right?

Dallas Cowboys:

Smith - 1st round(2011) USC

Livings - Undrafted Free Agent(2006) LSU

Costa - Undrafted Free Agent(2010) Maryland

Bernadeau - 7th round(2008) Bently

Free - 4th round(2007) Northern Illinois

Philadelphia Eagles:

Bell - 7th round(2008) Northwestern State - Louisiana

Mathis - 3rd Round(2005) Alabama

Kelce - 6th Round(2011) Cinn.

Watkins - 1st Round(2011) Baylor

Herremans - 4th Round(2005) Saginaw Valley State

New York Giants:

Diehl - 5th Round(2003) Illinois

Booth - 6th Round(2006) Cornell

Baas - 2nd Round(2005) Michigan

Snee - 2nd Round(2004) Boston College

Beatty - 2nd Round(2009) UConn

Washington Redskins:

Williams - 1st Round(2010) Oklahoma

LeRibeus - 3rd Round(2012) SMU

Montgomery - 7th Round(2006) VTech

Chester - 2nd Round(2006) Oklahoma

Brown - 1st Round(2005) Oklahoma

Of the Cowboys starting linemen, three were drafted or aquired by the team as undrafted free agents(Free, Smith and Costa).

Of the Eagles starting linemen, three were drafted by the team(Herremans, Kelce and Watkins).

Of the Giants starting linemen, three were drafted by the team(Beatty, Snee and Diehl).

Of the Redskins starting linemen(and remember LeRibeus is still just a projection), 2 were drafted by the team(Williams and LeRibeus).

Do you think we are that much different from our counter-parts in the NFC East?

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