Size Matters? Comparing the NFC East Offensive Lines

Much has been made about the size and strength of our offensive linemen in our zone blocking scheme. People have complained that we utilize smaller, weaker, yet quicker linemen to run this system, but I would like to point out that this really isn't the case at all.

I have done a comparison of the offensive lines in the NFC East, two of which utilize a zone blocking scheme(or at least use aspects of it), and two with more traditional RULE blocking schemes.

Below is the breakdown of the height and weights of the projected starting offensive lines in the NFL East. Mind you, this is a working lineup, and some could be subjected to change prior to the season starting.

Dallas Cowboys: Passing - 262(7th), Rushing - 112(18th) Smith - 6'5" 311 Livings - 6'5" 323 Costa - 6'3" 314 Bernadeau - 6'4" 308 Free - 6'6" 323

Average - 6'5" 316 Dallas uses a RULE blocking system.

The Cowboys are going to have two new starters at both guard spots, and offensive tackles Free, and Smith will be switching sides this year. Smith is known to be a very good athlete, while Free is rather heavy footed. Livings is a mauler, while Costa and Bernadeau are more finesse guys.

Philadelphia Eagles: Passing - 256(9th), Rushing - 142(5th) Bell - 6'5" 311 Mathis - 6'5" 302 Kelce - 6'3" 282 Watkins - 6'3" 310 Herremans - 6'6" 321

Average - 6'4" 305 Philly has become more of a zone team in the last year, but still utilizes aspects of the power attack.

The Eagles added a new left tackle in Bell. He is known as more of a finesse player than Jason Peters. Mathis, Kelce and Watkins are all better zone blockers than they are RULE blockers. Herremans is slightly heavy footed, but plays with exceptional hands.

New York Giants: Passing - 295(5th), Rushing - 89(32nd) Diehl - 6'5" 304 Booth - 6'5" 320 Baas - 6'4" 312 Snee - 6'5" 305 Beatty - 6'6" 319

Average - 6'5" 312 The Giants use a power blocking RULE system.

The Giants are a prime example of a power blocking football team. They use a lot of pulls and traps in their offense. Their linemen are known more for toughness than athleticism. There may be some changes to this unit as the season approaches. Mosley should have a chance to compete at left or right tackle, which could move Diehl back inside to guard. Brewer is another guy to watch at right tackle.

Washington Redskins: Passing - 235(14th), Rushing - 100(25th) Williams - 6'5" 318 LeRibeus - 6'3" 312 Montgomery - 6'3" 310 Chester - 6'3" 215 Brown - 6'6" 313

Average - 6'4" 314 The Redskins use a zone blocking scheme.

The Redskins are perhaps the most athletic group of linemen in the NFC East. Williams, Chester and Brown(pre injury)all have excellent footwork, great quickness, and still have ideal NFL size. I have projected LeRibeus at left guard, as the health of Licht is still in question. There may be some shuffling with this unit as the season nears.

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