My Philosophy as it Relates to Our Three-Year-Old Debate

Surprisingly, things have yet again gotten rather testy around here lately. A lot of fake GM's trying to tear apart recent moves, and bring down what we have attempted to build; which IMO, is the best move this franchise has made in its existence(although I suppose some of the old heads will argue this).

Well, I have been accused of a lot in my 3 years on HH, but I wanted to set the record straight about my beliefs and ideals that I used to live by.

First, I grew up in the mid 80's, and saw great success with the Redskins. My favorite player as a young kid was Riggins. The first jersey I ever had was a #44. Since I was 5, I have followed football. My favorite position was always running back. I played RB in midgets, and up until my soph year in high school. As a kid, I would take our old mattresses from the basement, bring them out into the yard, stack them on top of one another, then get a running start, and pretend I was Walter Peyton jumping over the LOS for a TD.

My favorite NFL RB's(aside from anyone who wore the burgundy and gold)were the great Walter Peyton, Bo Jackson, and Barry Sanders. I seemed to always fall for the "show stopper" types. In college I sat with my father as a young child and watched the great Curt Warner, Franco Harris, and Blair Thomas. I loved Ricky Williams, KiJana Carter, Rashaan Salaam, Lawrence Philips and Herschel Walker.

As I became more entrenched in football, I saw the game change right before my very own eyes. I saw the league move from a run-dominated league, to a passing league. I have wittnessed the decreased role of the "bell cow" running back, in favor of a running back-by-committee approach. I can tell you with 100% conviction that I hated it.

Well, by looking at my own roots, one could possibly surmise that I would be in the "linemen first" camp, for we all know that a good running game can not exist without the presence of a great O-Line(unless your the great Barry Sanders).

For those who think my dissenting opinion is one just fabricated to start arguements and discussions, you couldn't be further from the truth. I understand the game, and know what it takes to make it work at a high level. I also understand how the league has changed, even over the last 10 years. I had to learn the hard way(through much disappointment), that we may never again see those great running backs of the past, who averaged 25 carries a game, and were only taken out due to injury or fatigue(for a few plays). I learned to come to grips with the "new passing league", that has become the NFL.

My fustration over the last 10 or so years, is, it seemed to me that our beloved Redskins were a team stuck in neutral. We were not adapting to the new NFL, and while the majority of the other teams in the league were out seeking their QB and playmaking WR's, we were stuck in the mud, and were relying on players like Jason Campbell, Rex Grossman, Santana Moss, Laveraneus Coles, Stephen Davis, and John Beck to name a few. In essence, we were playing 1990's football in the 2000's.

I know this may seem harsh to say, but we seemed to reject change. I know some will point out the hiring of Steve Spurrior, and his fun and gun offense, and the hiring of a good QB coach in Jim Zorn, who had some good offensive background, to be our head coach, as moves towards the future, but we failed to have the players to run the offenses these coaches were trying to bring in. On the flip side we also traded one of the leagues best CB's in his prime, for a RB, who albiet was great for a few seasons, was no Champ Bailey. This was done when CB play was at a premium.

To this day, I still remain the guy who would rather see an 80 yard TD run by our running back, than an 80 yard bomb thrown by our QB. I would rather have a running back who leades the league in rushing vs a quarterback who leades the league in passing. Alas, I feel these days are gone, and with them go my dreams of a 300+ carry, 1500+ yard running back.

So i'm reall not, nor ever was against a great line. Up until a few years ago, I too still held out hope that a great line, coupled with a great running game, and just an average, game-manager at QB could win in this league, but I was wrong, and recent history has show how wrong I was.

So before I am pigeon-holed as one who just likes to stir the pot, then gloats when things go my way, I want you all to know where my beliefs and ideals stand, and how they have changed over the years.

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