Vegas hates Redskins too

When all the pundits pick the Redskins to lose the NFC East again, I shrug my shoulders. They don't do the research to understand that this team is different from the days of Cerrato and Co. Yes, I know that I have been complaining about the price to get RG3, but a good bit of that is in the future. How could the team not get a couple games better at least?

But I was stunned to see what Vegas thinks. It's also a little more worrisome because there over/under for wins for the season I think has been within 1-2 games the last 4 years. The specifics after the jump.

First of all, props to BloggingtheBeast for posting this.

Here is a brief excerpt (Redskins bit):

Redskins at home dogs by 6 to Saints; Redskins on road at Rams pick 'em; Redskins at home Bengals 1.5 favorite; Redskins 1 point dog at Bucs; Redskins 1.5 home dog vs. Falcons; Redskins 4 point favorite at home vs. Vikings; Redskins 7 point dogs at Giants; Redskins 7 point dog at Steelers; Redskins 1 pt home favorite vs. Panthers; Redskins 3.5 point dog at home vs. Eagles; Redskins 6 point dog @ Cowboys; Redskins 3.5 favorite @ Ravens; Redskins 1 point favorite at Browns; Redskins 9 freaking point dogs at Eagles.

I know the season is 5 months away, but some of these are ridiculous. Personally, the only one I think that they got wrong in the Redskins favor is at home vs. Bengals, that should be tough. But they project losing to Bucs, home to Falcons, measly win by 1 over Panthers, and a whopping 9 point line at Eagles.

Which ones do you guys find most ridiculous. And does anyone have a good view of how the Vegas predictions (W/L over under) have done relative to actual results, instead of the so-called pundits' view.

Based on the lines, the projections of vegas (at least this guy) are (note week 17 isn't graded, giving every one 1/2 game for that):

Redskins 6; Eagles 13 1/2; Giants 7 1/2; Cowboys 6 1/2. So Vegas thinks Eagles will be 13-3; Giants 8-8; Cowboys 6-10; Redskins 6-10. Really?

I would be shocked. What do you guys think?

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