Suggested non-Redskins topics for Hogs Haven Podcast

I noticed that you guys occasionally debate some non-Redskins topics (strip club v. hooters, Pipa v. Kate, etc.) on the podcast. Here are some topics I’d like to hear discussed:

-Is Jason Werth Going to suck again this season?

-If you had to be vegetarian or British, which would it be?

-Ok, more seriously, vegetarian for a year or wear a cowgirls hat for a year?

-Pac man or Donkey Kong?

-Least favorite player currently in the NFL. Other than Parks. We all know whom Parks hates. And yes Parks, you hate him... on a personal level.

-Favorite white-player adjective (high motor, high IQ guy, relentless, cerebral, coach on the field, etc.)?

-Opinions on Jeff Bernard?

  • Does he provide entertaining, clever comments which bring a much-needed sobering to redskins fans? Or,
  • Dude, we get it -- You’re a witty, hipster-esque, realist fan who spouts pessimistic rejoinders with ease. Chill out please; It’s annoying.

-Should the Wizards sign Cartier Martin to a long(er) term deal?

-If the Wizards get the second overall pick in the draft, who should they get? Davis is unavailable.

-Any topic on which UK has actually formed a strong opinion (toothpaste, fish and chips, Hitler, anything...).

-If you could only drink one class of beer for the rest of your life, which would it be:

  • Lighter beers? Good for tailgating, binge drinking, and day drinking in general. Or,
  • -Heavier beers? Delicious IPAs, Stouts, etc.

-Lastly, who would win in a WWF-style (though not scripted, and not fake) royal rumble between the five of you? I assume UK wouldn’t participate; wrestling seems beneath the British.

I enjoy the podcasts; they provide me with entertainment while doing household chores, driving, etc. Keep up the good work guys. And Thanks.

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