Grading Shanahan's off-season

Coaching Additions/Firings:

Fired: Keenan McCardell, Added Raheem Morris

I think Morris was a great addition, Defensive Backs is an area Shanahan has always struggled with, so bringing in Morris on a one year deal to pick his mind and hopefully pick up some of the nuances of the position is a good move. Hopefully this will lead to some long-term insight so we can bring in some quality DBs.

Love the firing of Keenan McCardell. Don't know what McCardell did poorly but I support holding the entire organization accountable, players and coaches. That's how it should be.

Roster Turnover:

Fred Davis re-signed/franchise (one-year contract (through 2012)).
Kory Lichtensteiger re-signed/restricted free agent (one-year contract (through 2012)).
Adam Carriker re-signed/unrestricted free agent (four-year contract (through 2015)).
Rex Grossman re-signed/unrestricted free agent (one-year contract (through 2012)).
Kedric Golston re-signed/unrestricted free agent.
London Fletcher re-signed/unrestricted free agent (two-year contract (through 2013)).


Rocky McIntosh declared free agent. Not signed with another team
LaRon Landry declared free agent. Signed with Jets

Grade - A: Resigned London Fletcher. Kept guys on the roster who are good rotational pieces or solid depth. Does a great job aligning contract with inherent value, keeps a valuable piece like Carriker on board for a 3 year extension, signs necessary stop-gags like Lichtensteiger to short 1 year deals, recognizing where we need depth. Does an excellent job retaining players who either fit the scheme, or fit the Redskins profile. And again, brought back Fletcher. Also all the contracts are reasonable to underwhelming financially, great job not overpaying or overcommitting. This grade reflects Bruce Allen's work to, does a great job with Contracts. They Let McIntosh go, which I'm fine with, he was being relegated to backup role to make way for younger players like P.Riley and I support that. I want to develop talent in house through the draft, and also be willing to let someone leave if we think we can find a better performer.

Free Agency:

Pierre Garcon signed/unrestricted free agent (five-year contract (through 2016)).
Josh Morgan signed/unrestricted free agent (five-year contract (through 2016)).
Brandon Meriweather signed/unrestricted free agent (two-year contract (through 2013)).
Cedric Griffin signed (one-year contract (through 2012)).
Leigh Torrence signed/unrestricted free agent.
Madieu Williams signed/unrestricted free agent.
Tanard Jackson signed (one-year contract (through 2012)).
Bryan Kehl signed/unrestricted free agent.
Jonathan Goff signed/unrestricted free agent.
Neil Rackers signed/unrestricted free agent (one-year contract (through 2012)).

Grade: C: I think Shanahan deserves an A for adressing need. However his talent evaluations never add up. He looks for certain traits that lead players to making important contributions once on the team, very few front offices in the league are as cognizant of specific traits that lead to success. He drafts guys whose production has steadily increased in each year, is young, and fits the Redskins profile. He finds players who are more likely to continue working hard after the FA paycheck. This is all important. His signings seem to be more on the basis of a fine-tuned experienced evaluator then a GM who is just attracted to hype and talent. I think Shanahan values a well functioning unit that puts its emphasis into a few positions, instead of trying to find big name talent across the board. We emphasize QB, LT, and Pass Rushers. We value commitment, the draft, and youth. That's how you win in the NFL.

Why I give him a C. All of the signings fit the mold of steady contributors, having said that... Shanahan's personnell decisions never add up 100%. Pierce Garcon 5 years $20 million guranteed, this guy seems more like a WR #3 then a guy who could deserve that money. There might have been another team in the NFL willing to pay him that money, but not a good one. I mean he's 6', produced at a marginal level his whole career, had a good game against us with one great catch. It seems like that one catch got him paid. The Josh Morgan signing I really like, I mean he's here for $7 million guranteed over 5 years, the deal voids after 2 years. He has upside, hometown connection, I think it's a nice pickup. We adressed depth issues in the backfield with a litany of one year stopgags, hopefully someone can kick Reed Doughty off this fing team finally, sorry man but you suck. Adressed the issue of LB depth in FA and the Draft.

I think we did a nice job adressing needs, but I see similar issues to the Barry Coefield pickup last year. I mean he performed well, but he's a below average starter in the NFL. I feel it's similar to Garcon, do we really want Pierre Garcon as our #1 WR? I don't. Not comfortable with plugging marginal talent into starting roles. The rest of the signings I thought were great, answered a lot of chronic depth issues left over from Cerrato.

2012 Draft:

Rd 1, Griffin III, Robert QB - A+++: RGIII, RGIII, RGIII. HAIL

Rd 3, LeRibeus, Josh G - D: If John Belushi makes a pro-bowl Shanahan is fucking genius. Otherwise this guy should have been a UDFA, he looks like he trained for the combine by drinking a keg. However the brief highlights I saw looked good and if we get 2 above average lineman out of this draft, major success. Suprise us man, show up to training camp looking like an athlete, they'll love you.

Rd 4, Cousins, Kirk QB - B+: We are starting the development process, it's a good time to develop RGIII's career backup. Despite the fact that ESPN got the world's largest boner when they saw this pick, teams that contend for super bowls are smart enough to have good backup QBs.

Rd 4, Robinson, Keenan OLB - B: Chronic depth issues at LB, good pickup. Maybe the synergy of enough Texas players refusing to use another move than the Bull Rush will collapse a lot of pockets.

Rd 5, Gettis, Adam G - A: This guy fits everything Shanahan looks for. Was a standout his senior year on a phenomenal Iowa line. This guy played guard in college, but is a technician and will probably be our starting C.

Rd 6, Morris, Alfred RB - C: Highlights looked great, size matters though. This guy is tiny. Could be a nice rotational player. I'm not a fan of Hightower although I appreciate brining in any guy with hometown connections, this guy might rotate nicely with Helu. Don't see important contributions being made though.

Rd 6, Compton, Tom T - A: Great RT depth. Was voted Lineman of the Year in his conference. Not sure if they plan on him starting, seems like a depth move to me.

Rd 7, Crawford, Richard DB - F: We don't need to recruit from SMU Shanahan. This guy's ceiling is Brandon Thompson, might see like 5 snaps. I wanted Joe Adams in this draft damnit. Just draft Chase Minnifield damnit. If we had brought in a guy like Chris Polk, Dwight Jones, Chase Minnifield, could have gotten a starter. Is this 7th round CB really going to help us?

Rd 7, Bernstine, Jordan CB - A: If you look at Shanahan's past, he is always looking for the next Terrel Davis. Steady contributor who had an underwhelming career dealing with injuries, explodes in the NFL. This guy fits that mold, had one great season in college and could be a suprise contributor. Also was a Kick Returner so has great speed, was formerly a CB so can cover. Might be good.

UDFA: I know there is a lot of guys we went after post-draft but I only want to talk about one.

Chase Minnifield, CB, UVA: A: This guy will hopefully recover from the knee injury. I would have much, much rather drafted him in the 7th than Richard Crawford who surely was not going to be drafted. This guy has been a career corner, lined up against number ones, and understands the technical aspects of playing corner. Had great production in all his years, I'm really hoping this guy can be our Nickel. If he supplants Josh Wilson great, that guy underperforms. I'll be pulling for Minnifield.

Draft Grade: A+++: We got a franchise QB. RGIII, RGIIII, RGIIII. HAIL

I don't know what I would grade the rest of the draft. If our 3rd round pick Lerebius ends up being a top 15 guard, and Gettis is a top 15 C, then I'll give it an A. If both of those guys starts and performs in the middle of the NFL, I'll give it a B. If we didn't get any excellent lineman in this draft, I'll give it a C. We adressed a lot of depth issues this team faced. Might not have picked up a lot of impact players though in rounds 3-7. This draft grade for me really hinges on how those O-lineman work out, and could be a great draft if Minnifield and Bernstine end up being starters. I think the 4th round was solid, needed a backup QB and some LB depth. I don't know what to give the rest of Shanahan's picks, I was skeptical of Kerrigan and Jenkins when we took them, Kerrigan had a great rookie year but was outplayed by fellow classmates Von Miller and Aldon Smith. But Kerrigan looks like he is going to be a steady impact player in DC for a decade so it was a great pick. If Lerebius, Gettis or Compton end up steady impact O-Line contributors I think he did a great job.

Overall - A+: We got RGIII. Resigned London. Added lots of depth. Brought in a DB coach to fix some DB issues. Hopefully added 2 starting O-line. Gave too much love to P.Garcon. Restored our proud franchise. We had the best off-season of any team, nice to know we had the coach with the balls to go get RGIII. HAIL

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