Oh, ye of little faith.

Everyone, chill the f**k out! For the life of me, I can't work out why so many fans have their nickers in a twist over this year's draft? Look at the talent our front office has bought in over the last two years, and forget about what draft-sites tell you and the speculation you hear from guys who have never played a snap of competitive football in their lives, or have never been involved with an NFL team.

Just take a look at last year's draft;

  • Although it turned out to be a great pick, there were questions whether Ryan Kerrigan was a fit as a 3-4 OLB or not.
  • Many felt we reached for Jarvis Jenkins as he was projected as a 3rd-4th round pick, but as we saw in the preseason he looked worthy of his draft billing, unfortunately injury derailed his season
  • Look at Dejon Gomes, he was another unheralded pick and was projected as a 7th rounder or UDFA, he started 5 games for us and contributed on Special Teams. He finished the year with 35 tackles and although he had his struggles, he could be in the mix to be a starter next year. He has room for improvement but in hindsight was a good pick-up for our team.
  • Evan Royster didn't get much hype from draftniks and he didn't seem to fill a need after we had already drafted Helu. Royster averaged 5.9 YPA and looks like he will form a committee with the Tongan Torpedo
  • Maurice Hurt was another guy who we picked up late in the draft, but was projected to be a UDFA. He was another pick that didn't seem to make a great deal of sense at the time as he didn't appear to fit a zone-blocking scheme. However when injuries forced him into the line up he played admirably and ended up starting 8 games. Although he wasn't great and is on the fringe this year, he didn't disgrace himself.

My point is that our front office knows how to find productive players who fit our system and can contribute to our team in all rounds of the draft. Since the start of the Shanahan era, the roster has been disassembled, cleaned, upgraded and then lovingly restored. Now we have added the key component in the shape of our potential franchise QB.

Who cares if we haven't heard of Josh LeRibeus, if Mike Shanahan and Bruce Allen deem him worthy of a third round pick, then in my eyes he is worth a third round pick and will probably be our day one starter at LG.

People always want us to operate like a top tier franchise, adding Kirk Cousins to be a strong back-up to RG3 with the option to get some trade value from him in a few years is a great move and a move that has been employed by the Eagles and Patriots (if it works for them it can work for us, and at worse we're getting a back up not named Rex Grossman) All that talk about a quarterback controversy is just ridiculous and completely false. Shanahan has even said he will be a back-up, which just shows that the talking heads don't really know what they're talking about.

We locked up our QB position for the next 10 years, Drafted an heir to London Fletcher, Added depth and competition to our OL and added depth to our Secondary. In my eyes that is exactly what we needed to do in this draft. Again just because we haven't heard of a player and he isn't hyped by the media, it doesn't mean we aren't getting value for our picks.

It is said that you can't/shouldn't judge a draft class until they have had a full three years in the League, so only time will tell if we did have a good draft or not. From the early signs we have seen from our previous draft classes we are on our way and the future is bright, but until our 2012 draft class suits up and plays we don't have the vaguest idea if they will be successful NFL players or not. In theory, there is still a chance RG3 goes down as the biggest draft bust in NFL history (however remote that is)

Hold the faith Brothers and Sisters, The Ship IS Sailing. HTTR!


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