This draft was (almost) all about RGIII

This is my first post, so please allow me to introduce myself.

I'm a lifelong Skins fan, born in DC and raised in Silver Spring, MD. Unfortunately (for football) I now live in Brooklyn, NY and can't see too many games. And have to deal with awful giants fans (and hilarious jets fans). I joined HH right around the time rumors were swirling of Shanny's Peyton Manning love, and how the skins brass was going to make a move. Let's just say I'm quite happy we went the route of a young signal caller with significant upside.

Like most people here I've been an RGIII fan since watching him last fall. After watching John Beck lose 3 games in a row I started to think we might have a chance to get him. The rest is history and we paid a hefty price to bring him in.

Most here can agree that this years draft is significant. Perhaps more so than in recent memory. We have actual football people making decisions, there seems to be some kind of plan in place, and we're getting a guy tabbed to be our franchise QB. We gave up high picks to get him, so the picks we do make must count and we need to protect our investment.

Year after year (at least 10?) we've suffered from lack of OL depth. Everything goes to shit when one player goes down. I called myself 'fatboyyy' on this thread as a bit of hope that we draft some fat boys. And 'fatboy' was taken. There have been complaints about our second pick in the draft, Josh LeRibeus. Even though I had to look him up, I jumped for joy when the pick was made. I did the same last year when we drafted Jenkins in the second, we just need some fat boys.

LeRibs may have been a slight reach, but I see it like this: Shanny and Co didn't like what they saw when the 69th pick came up. They were looking for a trade and took what they could get. Obviously Ribs was a guy they had tabbed as somebody who could help out, he filled a need, so they grabbed him. We may have RGIII's career center.. wouldn't that be nice?

Next pick. This was a head scratcher for me. Cousins? He's got some pretty serious limitations to his game, at least from what I've seen. And do we really need another QB?

After thinking about it, we just drafted a potential frachise QB, a nasty fat boy to compete to protect him at C or G, and our new QB's backup. RGII and Cousins are both workaholics, and maybe they can team up as study partners. Push eachother a bit. (maybe i'm dreaming a bit here, but having a backup that works hard definitely helps the starter, and Shanny seems to think this is a guy that can help even without being on the field).

Fast forward in the draft, we get an undersized but nasty guard who excels in pass pro, a guy who can compete for a backup tackle spot this year and push to start down the road, a thumper of a RB who might be nice in short yardage and whacking LB's, and 3 defenders who fill needs.

3 OL prospects! Who could have imagined!? Actually, didn't hogs haven voters vote for 3 OL in our fan mock? heh. Seriously, It's nice to see an effort being made to protect an investment. Hopefully these guys can play.

Could we have used a WR like Nick Toon or Joe Adams instead of a backup QB? Maybe, a rookie WR is likely to get more time on the field than a 3rd QB, but it's not like we have a dearth of WR's coming into camp. It seems like the FO is thinking towards the future, and that's a good feeling.

Icing on the cake: Dallas drafted ZERO O linemen. Their line wasn't THAT good. Suck it Jurrah


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