Why At Least 9 Lower Round and Undrafted Rookies Will Earn Spots on this Season's Roster

Last season's Redskins squad included 10 rookies who were either undrafted or from the lower rounds (4th-7th.) That's 10 lower round rookies who made the team. But that wasn't an anomaly.

The Shanahan Scrub Rule

Mike has a history of "scrubbing" his roster every season, getting rid of veterans in favor of ten to thirteen scrubs, most of whom are undrafted or taken in the lower rounds (4th-7th.)

The Number of Lower Round and Undrafted Rookies Mike KEPT Each of the Past 5 Seasons:

Year | All Rookies | Low Round Rookies and Undrafted Rookies
2011 | 12 | 10
2010 | 10 | 9
2009 (not coaching)
2008 | 13 | 11(Denver)
2007 | 11 | 9 (Denver)
2006 | 10 | 8 (Denver)

Based on this it seems reasonable to expect a minimum of 9 lower round and undrafted rookies to see this season's active roster.

The Good: Several of your favorite undrafted free agent rookies will make the team.

The Bad: Many veterans and 2nd year players will be gone.

...and the Ugly: (There wasn't a lot of actual production from our low rounders as we look back over multiple years.)

The Redskins Last 6 Seasons of Lower Round (4th-7th) and Undrafted Rookies Who Made the Active Roster:

4th Round Picks:
'11 Roy Helu, RB
'10 Perry Riley, LB
'08 Justin Tryon, DB

5th Round Picks:
'11 Dejon Gomes, S
'11 Niles Paul, WR/TE
'06 Anthony Montgomery, NT

6th Round Picks:
'11 Evan Royster, RB
'09 Robert Henson, LB
'08 Kareem Moore, DB
'08 Durant Brooks, P
'07 H.B. Blades, LB
'06 Kedric Golston, DT
'06 Reed Doughty, S

7th Round Picks:
'11 Chris Neild, NT
'11 Maurice Hurt, G
'11 Brandyn Thompson, DB
'11 Markus White, DE
'10 Terrence Austin, WR
'09 Marko Mitchell, WR
'08 Rob Jackson, DE
'08 Chris Horton, SS

Undrafted Rookies:
'11 Willie Smith, LT
'11 Erik Cook, C
'10 Anthony Armstrong, WR
'10 Brandon Banks, WR, Returner
'10 Joe Joseph, DT
'10 Logan Paulsen, TE
'10 Anderson Russell, DB
'10 Nick Sundberg, C
'10 Keiland Williams, RB
'10 Darrel Young, FB
'10 Sha'reff Rashad, DB
'09 Graham Gano, K
'09 William Robinson, T
'09 Byron Westbrook, DB
'09 Edwin Williams, C
'09 Lendy Holmes, DB
'09 Marcus Mason, RB
'08 Devin Clark, G
'07 Chris Wilson, DE
'07 Matt Sinclair, LB
'07 Anthony Mix, WR
'07 Stephon Heyer, T
'07 Lorenzo Alexander, DT, LB
'06 Joe Sykes, DE
'06 John Eubanks, DB
'06 Mike Espy, DB

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