Some 3rd Day Considerations

Some people y'all might want to consider for Rounds 4-7

Brandon Washington - OG
Wasn't he mentioned about being our 3rd round pick???
And he dropped to 4???
We can always use some depth/ competition in the O-Line. You never know when a season-ending injury will happen to a OG.

Chase Minniefield- CB
Address our Secondary problem.
Was mentioned as even a 1st rounder sometimes.
UVA CB so he is from around the area.
He won an award that gave him outstanding character/ leadership skills on and off the field.

Orson Charles- TE
Receiving TE that I would love to have.
Also mentioned before as a 1st round prospect.
Cooley and Davis are not getting any younger and it gives Charles to sit a year behind Davis and Cooley so he can learn/adjust to the game. Then next year the Shanahans decide who to get rid of, cap-busting/injury-prone Cooley, or pot-smoker Davis (Not trying to be mean, just realistic; I really do love how both contributed to the Redskins).

Brandon Boykin- CB
I would've loved if we took him at 3rd round. 4th round is even better!
Was considered 2nd round prospect.

Lamar Miller- RB
If you do not believe that Shanahan will not draft a RB, just shoot yourself in the foot. He picks run-blocking scheme RB's and makes them superstars. I'm sure he can pull over a truck driver and say, "Hey you! You are our next RB!" That guy will become a 1000 yard rusher and we just pick up another pick for that.
Ok maybe I am exaggerating, but the point is, Miller is a RB who is a fit for the zone-blocking scheme.

Markelle Martin- FS
Can never have too many safeties.
Also, have you looked at our safeties? I really really really really really am not overly-enthusiastic about them.

So as you see, there are still quality people out in the last day of the draft, we just have to pick them!
I would love to have any of these guys but the one I would love to have most is some one from the DB (specifically CB) position. This position is deep and I'm sure one of the guys mentioned above will be there at our pick in the 4th round.


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