Flashback Friday: Failed Draft Quotes From Redskins History

The fans in the stands are a metaphor for Spurrier's OLine blocking scheme that year.

It’s the day after the draft and right now things couldn’t be better for a Redskins fan. We’re all drinking the Kool-aid and we’re wearing our Superman socks while walking saying things like "The future is now, Superman has arrived." I got my pocket full of quarters and my Nikes on too, I’m cautiously optimistic that Robert Griffin III is indeed, the man. However, we’ve been down this road before and we’ve said a lot of things about a lot of different draft picks over the years. Let’s take a look at some failed quotes of Redskins draft pasts.

2010 - Redskins select Trent Williams #4 overall

I think all this talk about Williams being a lazy pot smoker is just some smokescreen from another team trying to move up to get him.

2009 - Redskins select Kevin Barnes in 3rd round

It’s hard to ignore Mike Wallace’s speed but the Redskins need to go with the MD kid here.

2008 - Redskins select Devin Thomas and Malcolm Kelly in the 2nd round

Well, with the additions of Thomas & Kelly the Skins have taken care of the WR position for the next decade

2007 - Redskins select LaRon Landry #6 overall

If the Skins go defensive back with this pick I hope it’s Landry over Darelle Revis.

2006 - Redskins select Rocky McIntosh in the 2nd round

Sure, the Redskins need O-lineman and there was plenty of potential Pro Bowl lineman available…but Rocky will be a difference maker!

2005 - Redskins select Jason Campbell in the 1st round

I really, really hope the Packers take Aaron Rodgers with the 24th pick so that Joe Gibbs can get his hand-picked quarterback of the future!

2004 - Redskins select Chris Cooley in the 3rd round

Exactly who the F&*k is Chris Cooley?

2003 - Redskins trade away all but 3 draft picks

You know, draft picks are way overrated…the way to build a team these days is to trade picks for proven vets.

2002 - Redskins select Patrick Ramsey in 1st round

I can give you many reasons why Patrick Ramsey is the perfect fit for Steve Spurrier’s offense. But, don’t just ask me…ask Dan Snyder!

2001 - Redskins select Rod Gardner #15 overall

Rod Gardner is special, I’m calling a 50/50 chance this guy's a Hall of Famer.

1994 - Redskins select Heath Schuler #3 overall

The future is now, Superman has arrived.

Cheers and Hail

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