Relax, History is on the Redskins Side

Cam is the most successful rookie QB in league history, even better than Peyton. Let's analyze why Cam had such a successful rookie season. We can then measure RG3 against that to gain our "historical perspective". (And we all know history likes to repeat itself. Besides, isn't recent history more relevant than the 10-year-old and even 40-year-old history recounted in an article Park-ed on the front page?)

Here's an Initial Stab at it:

* Cam's Resiliency – Cam has a tremendous ability to bounce back, rather than going through the prolonged cold streaks so common in rookie QBs. (For example, after a three interception performance against Atlanta, he bounced back the next week with a terrific performance to beat You Know Who.)
- Can any of us picture RG3 staying down or losing confidence after a poor performance?

* Panthers' O Scheme – Carolina’s coaches adopted an offense that catered to Cam’s unique skill set.
- Mike and Kyle know they must do this for RG3. They’ve vowed to do it.

* Cam's Vertical Passing Game - with Steve Smith.
- We did acquire speed this off-season, right? Whose long ball is more accurate, Cam’s or RG3’s? That's how RG3 shredded opposing Ds on his way to the Heisman, isn't it?

* Cam had a solid left tackle - A bad left tackle kills a QB’s development.
- Silverback is one of the league's best young tackles. (Weed better hope he grows up though.)

* Cam had an experienced center - who recognized the D alignment and correctly called the O line’s protection. (The importance and value of this is underrated by the majority of football fans.) But it affects every guy on the line and the entire play.
- Monty is a solid, experienced and smart center. He's a major asset for RG3. Lucky for us, Monty is durable too.

* Cam's five-star play action - This did more than just propel Carolina’s passing game. It significantly improved Carolina's formerly anemic rushing attack.
- RG3 is freakishly smooth and dangerously deceptive in play action. Plus our running attack was already showing signs of life at season end.

* Most of All, Cam is a Unique QB - Cam plays like no other QB in history. Defensive coordinators still haven’t “evolved” a strategy to stop him.
- Can you name another young quarterback whose skill set is unique and likely a problem for opposing defenses?

* Carolina’s Defense - What, are you kidding me? Carolina's what? That 27th ranked D didn't help Cam succeed. It hurt him!

- True. Cam performed well in spite of his team's defense. This is only one of a number of areas where RG3 has an advantage over Cam. While there are many of these, a couple off the top of my head are: (1) RG2 counseling RG3, guiding him, keeping him focused and grinding day in and day out and supporting him. (2) Nothing against Cam, but I'm willing to bet RG3 is harder on himself and more of a perfectionist.

Congrats on making Heisman history, Robert. Time to make some Burgundy and Gold history!

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