Beware, History is Not on the Redskins Side

Sep 3, 2000; Oakland, CA, USA: FILE PHOTO; San Diego Chargers quarterback Ryan Leaf (16) fumbles against the Oakland Raiders at Oakland-Alameda Coliseum. Mandatory Credit: Peter Brouillet-US PRESSWIRE

You knew you couldn't get past draft day without someone pissing in the Kool-Aid, right? The Redskins will most likely have a new face of franchise just after eight o'clock tonight but will that automatically flourish into success? Only four times in NFL history have quarterbacks been taken number one and number two overall and quite honestly, it's not a pretty picture.

1971 Draft
1st Overall- Jim Plunkett, Stanford, Boston Patriots
2nd Overall- Archie Manning, Ole Miss, New Orleans Saints

1971 was the rare case out of the four examples where both QBs had sustained success in the NFL. Manning was an All-Pro for New Orleans despite being on some terrible teams. Plunkett struggled in Boston and San Francisco before finding his niche and winning two Super Bowls with the Raiders.

1993 Draft
1st Overall- Drew Bledsoe, Washington St, New England Patriots
2nd Overall- Rick Mirer, Notre Dame, Seattle Seahawks

Bledsoe had a pretty solid NFL career taking the Pats to the Super Bowl, while Mirer floundered and wore the uniform of eight different teams.

1998 Draft
1st Overall- Peyton Manning, Tennessee, Indianapolis Colts
2nd Overall- Ryan Leaf, Washington State, San Diego Chargers

We all know this story.

1999 Draft
1st Overall- Tim Couch, Kentucky, Cleveland Browns
2nd Overall- Donovan McNabb, Syracuse, Philadelphia Eagles

Couch only played four years professionally with the Browns while McNabb lead the Eagles to NFC supremacy. Couch was also cut by the Packers in 2004 and then tried a comeback with the Jaguars in '07 only to be cut again.

So who will be the bust in this year's draft? The easy answer is "no one". But I ask you this, if history repeats itself then who is more likely to be a bust when we look back on the 2012 draft? Right now its impossible for us to think that either Andrew Luck or Robert Griffin III could be a bust, but that mindset was emulated in '93, '98, and '99... and look what happened.

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