2012 7 Round Mock Draft

Here are my picks for the Skins: For my Full Mock Go Here!

1st Round:

#2. (via St. Louis)- QB Robert Griffin, Baylor:

No surprise here the Redskins land their franchise QB, one that will hopefully lead this team for the next 12-15 years..

3rd Round:

#69. - OT Zebrie Sanders, FSU

-After landing their quarterback the Skins now need to find a way to protect him. Adding a falling Sanders here would be ideal. Sanders struggled some at the Senior Bowl, but he had a very strong career and should be a good pick here.

4th Round:

#102. - CB Leonard Johnson, Iowa State

-Johnson is one of my favorite players in this draft and I think he definitely can be a good starter at the next level.

#109. (via Oakland)- OT Nate Potter, Boise State

-I know people will ask why I'm going back to the well here at offensive tackle, but it is a massive need for the Skins. In addition I truly believe that both Potter and Sanders are athletic enough to transition inside in a ZBS system.

5th Round:

#141. - WR Marvin McNutt, Iowa

-I think this would be a fantastic late round pick up for the Skins. McNutt is overlooked by a number of scouts and could fall into this 5th round range. He's got good hands, really nice size and good short area quickness. He could really develop into a possession/red zone threat for the Skins.

6th Round:

#173. (via Minn)- ILB Miles Burris, San Diego State

-Burris is one of my favorite late round guys here. He is a real high effort guy, who is always around the football. I think he'd make a nice transition to ILB in a 3-4 scheme and could a special teams star.

7th Round:

#213. - S D.J. Campbell, Cal

-Campbell has been moving into that 7th round territory and looks to be a really nice developmental safety. He might need a year on the practice squad, but there is some potential down the road for him.

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