The Redskins Receiving Corp Is Full, Is It Too Full?

Jabar Gaffney stepped up and became the Redskins No.1 receiver in 2011. But was it enough for the Redskins to retain his services?

This Free Agency, The Redskins picked up Pierre Garcon and Josh Morgan, two starting-caliber receivers that should add some weapons on the outside. But the Redskins front office will have some decisions to make as far as their Receiving corp. As of right now, there are 10 wideouts on the roster, not including David Anderson, a Unrestricted Free Agent. Some questions are beginning to rise as to who will still be around come September.

The Redskins receiving corp currently consists of the following:

Anthony Armstrong

Armstrong has shown flashes of being a mid-tier receiver, but his absence from the field last season shed’s some light on potential issues off the field he might be having. That's just a theory of mine, he gave up a lot of playing time early on the Hank, and I really like seeing him on the field.

Aldrick Robinson

Aldrick was cut from the roster early on, but was eventually promoted back to the 53-man by the end of the season. He didn’t see much playing time, and might be on the chopping block this offseason. His size is somewhat of an issue, but he does show some slot potential.

Terrence Austin

Austin saw a drastic increase in playing time last season, playing 13 games in 2011 as opposed to 5 in 2010. Austin hasn’t had much of an impact still, collecting 12 receptions and no touchdowns.

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Brandon Banks

Banks…what is there to say about Brandon Banks. He’s got to be the smallest guy in the NFL, and his apparent speed still isn’t making up for his size. He does have a relatively high return average, but since he’s so small, he’s rarely able to find the endzone on a return. Also, putting him in the lineup on just about anything except for an end-around is near suicide.

Pierre Garcon

Garcon is the biggest signing this offseason, and I’m looking to him for some big plays catching balls from RGIII. Garcon was still able to have a pretty damn good season under Curtis Painter, with Peyton Manning injured. #Can’tWait

Read about the rest of the Receiving Corp on my website, The Burgundy Warpath.

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