My Final Mock for 2012

This is My Final mock draft for 2012. When I did this Mock I was thinking outside of the box and picking players i think would help the Redskins beyond just the 2012 season, but that would increase the overall talent of the team this year and beyond. I believe that taking the best player available is the best way to go about a draft, with that being said as a team you also want to get players that fill holes so it is a balance but if a significantly better football player is on the board I think you take that player and fill the need in another way, cause you can never have to much talent. I did 2 Mock draft with slightly different picks and a different scenario, so here we go.

The 1st Scenario is the Redskins keep there picks and draft BPA for the most part.

1st Rd QB Robert Griffin III - Baylor 6'2" 225 lbs

Outstanding deep-ball touch and accuracy; can drop it in a bucket and place it in tight spots. Highly competitive. Can adjust his throwing platform on the move, hasten his delivery and snap it from multiple arm angles. Can uncork it with ease. Quick to locate open receivers and will keep his eyes downfield in the face of duress. Competitive with the ball in his hands and picks up yardage in chunks. Has sprinter’s straight-line speed and is effective scrambling outside the pocket. Comes from a military family that has instilled structure in his life. Extremely smart. Mentally tough — responds to a challenge. Came through in the clutch against Oklahoma and Washington and showed he can produce under the bright lights. Rare production. Gained a staggering 10.7 yards per attempt and proved capable of consistently flipping the field in a few plays.

3rd Rd CB Trumaine Johnson - Montana 6'1" 205 lbs

A long-limbed press corner with loose hips for his size, Johnson is extremely talented, can match up well against big receivers and has the size, ball skills and striking ability to potentially help at safety. Would benefit highly from a structured environment and demanding coach who will challenge him and hold him accountable. Has the tools to become a No. 1 corner if he can be managed properly and stay focused.

4th Rd WR T.Y Hilton - Florida International 5'10" 185 lbs

Small-framed, lean, quicker-than-fast slot receiver and return man with playmaking ability and run-after-catch skills. Smarts and versatility add to his value. Nifty feet. Flexible hips and ankles. Terrific short-area quickness. Sets up corners and is sudden to create separation. Catches in stride and can turn a short throw into a long gain. Agile and slippery to elude and create. Excellent leaping ability. Shows vision, burst and long speed as a return man. Smart, tough and confident. Solid character — well-respected, accountable and cares about the game.

4th Rd OG Senio Kelemete - Washinton 6'3" 307lbs

Has shown the power to control the defender in pass protection while off balance... Flashes above average athleticism for a lineman, is very quick off the line and does a great job getting to quicker defenders downfield... Was asked to pull and block downfield for the runners often at Washington and did a great job... Does an excellent job finishing plays and displays a mean streak. NFL evaluator: "The (guard) I like is (Washington's) Senio Kelemete. He plays out of position. He's got to move inside. He's still raw, but he has great feet. He can shuffle and mirror. He's very good working in space. He'd be a great fit for what Mike Shanahan does."

5th Rd ILB Emmanuel Acho - Texas 6'1" 238 lbs

Very versatile; lined up all over for the Longhorns and made plays no matter where he was on the field... Gets to the ball with an absolute grace; it seems that he just glides to the ball and makes plays... Excellent open field tackler; can sit back in a zone defense, react to the play and then get the ball... High football IQ; a lot like a coach on the field, knows where everyone is supposed to be in the front seven and can adjust to whatever formation the offense comes out in... Takes good angles to the ball; very crisp, and hits like a truck.

6th Rd OT Matt McCants - UAB 6'5" 308lbs

Good combination of size and quickness... Shows athleticism to set quickly and ride defenders past the pocket... Flashes quick feet to stay squared to the defender... Absorbs initial contact well and resets quickly. Uses a strong upper body to steer defenders when he get locked on.Shows good balance when on the move and in space... Positional blocker that is quick enough to get out on screens... Athletic enough to fit a zone blocking scheme... Durable, started every game in the last two seasons... Flashes some viciousness on blocks.

7th Rd TE James Hanna - Oklahoma 6'4" 252lbs

Well-proportioned build. Rare straight-line speed — is able to stretch the field vertically. Flashes playmaking ability (see 76-yard touchdown vs. Oklahoma State ’10). Finds soft spots in zones. Can extend and catch away from his body. Has a 36-inch vertical jump. Can position and get in the way. Lined up in three-point stance, split out and has special-teams experience. Good character. Durable and coachable. He is a sleeper prospect who has flashed some potential.

This is the 2nd Scenario where the Redskins trade back in the 3rd rd to pick up a extra pick.I have them trading back from pick #69 in 3rd to #76 with Houston, and picking up another 4th rd pick #99, also swapping the Skins 2nd 4th rd pick #109 with Houston's 2nd 4th rd pick #121. With the trade the Redskins draft picks are 1st,3rd,4th,4th,4th,5th,6th,and 7th. here are my picks.

1st Rd Robert Griffin III - Baylor 6'2" 225lbs

3rd Rd WR Brian Quick - Appalachian State 6'3" 220lbs

Big receiver, looks like an NFL player... Strong frame with a large upper body, is able to get off tacklers with a nice stiff arm... Great balance with the ball in his hands, tough to knock off center and bring to the ground, elusive for a player of his size... A big play waiting to happen.Plays Big and Skies for the ball, plucks it outside his frame with ease and can make exceptional in-air adjustments to the ball. Unique hand-eye coordination and body control. Eats cushion quickly with long, deceptive strides and can separate vertically. Surprisingly quick in and out of breaks. Field-fast with good run balance after the catch — runs through contact. Regularly makes difficult, highlight-reel catches contorting his body in the air. Functional move blocker. Big upside if he continues to develop, a former basketball player still learning the game.

4th Rd S Markelle Martin - Oklahoma State 6'0" 207lbs

Looks the part of an NFL player, a physical specimen... A jack of all trades, played everywhere for the Cowboys last season... An absolute ballhawk, when the ball was in the air, you just knew that Martin would be tracking it... Ferocious tackler, hits like a ton of bricks; broke up numerous completions just from laying the body... All of the physical tools are there. Very aggressive defender, plays very fast and with a purpose... Played special teams as a freshman, and should be able to play there immediately... Great in zone coverage, covers a lot of ground quickly and uses his ball skills to make plays... Good at coming up for run support, is a big hitter but will still show good form and make tackles.

4th Rd WR T.Y. Hilton - Florida International 5'10" 185lbs

4th Rd G Senio Kelemete - Washington 6'3" 307lbs

5th Rd C David Molk - Michigan 6'0 300lbs

Has very quick first step, does a good job of quickly getting into his passing sets, gets his head up quickly after snap to locate defenders... Does a good job of getting movement at the point of attack... Understands leverage and uses it to his advantage... Has solid lower body that absorbs bull rushes... Uses a strong punch to knock bigger defenders back... Plays with good balance, resets well after initial push... Good lateral movement, does a great job of staying in front of opponents... Quick to get out on pulls and traps, getting upfield and in position to block while using correct angles... Nimble out in space, puts himself in tremendous position to make blocks... Snaps are consistent both out of the gun and under center... High football IQ, makes all the calls for the line, recognizes blitzes. Weight room warrior, posted 41 reps of 225 lbs. at the combine. Smaller and quicker center; would be a perfect fit for a zone blocking scheme. Team Captin 5th year senior.

6th Rd ILB Vontaze Burfict - Arizona State 6'1" 245lbs

Has very good size for the position, can hold up against bigger blockers and is strong enough to take down larger backs... Has good pre-snap instincts, likes to jump snap counts and explode into the backfield... Likes to hit, plays with good lower-body explosion, drives through tackles to finish off ball carriers... Very intense player, does not shy away from contact, plays with a very high motor... Scrapes pretty well through traffic, uses athleticism and quickness to get around blockers while keeping eyes on ball carrier... Is instinctive in most aspects of the position, maintains gap responsibilities and doesn't often bite on play action... Plays well in short zone coverage, but does not look as comfortable playing man-to-man, appears best fit to play the middle of the field in a Tampa-2 scheme... Is one of the more intimidating inside linebacker prospects in recent memory, plays with a mean streak and his intense playing style has drawn comparisons to Ray Lewis.

7th Rd RB Brandon Bolden - Ole Miss 5'11" 220lbs

Smooth runner, looks like a natural and as if things come easy for him... Great size and strength at the point of attack, really tough to tackle... Runs with good forward lean, keeps his balance. Has a large upper body and a strong stiff arm to shake off tacklers... Looks like he could be a better NFL runner than college runner... Good fit for a zone blocking scheme as a cut back runner... Finishes his runs really well, keeps his legs moving on contact and fights for extra yardage... Appears to have soft hands and the ability to catch swing passes out of the backfield.

Some good UDFA's to bring into camp would be: CB Isaiah Frey Neveda, ILB Najee Goode West Virginia, ILB Jerry Franklin Arkansas, K Blair Walsh Georgia, QB Darren Thomas Oregon, QB Chandler Harnish Northern Illinois,WR BJ Cunningham Michigan St, WR Gerell Robinson Arizona State,OT Levy Adcock, OT Markus Zusevics, G Adam Gettis Iowa, G Jaymes Brooks Va Tech,S Winston Guy Kentucky.

I think I would be happy with either one of these draft scenario's and think that some of these players will probably be picked in the draft on Thursday. So give me your opinion on the mock drafts, would you be happy with the selections if either draft were the picks?

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