Looks Like Someone Has a Sixpack of the Mondays

1. Another week, another seven days of lustily discussing Robert Griffin III. I feel like he has been a Redskin for 17 years already. Is he in the Ring of Fame yet?

2. Ryan Leaf getting arrested for burglary couldn't come at a worse time for me. With our second overall pick in the upcoming NFL draft likely to be used on the second quarterback off the board, I simply can't be subjected to Ryan Leaf stories. These cautionary tales of "can't miss" quarterback prospects are freaking me out, man!

3. Of course Mike and Kyle Shanahan are going to cater their system to the skills and strengths of Robert Griffin. Of course they are going to adapt their style on the sidelines to put the rookie in the best position to succeed. Of course Mike Shanahan is going to check his ego at the door in 2012 to maximize his and everyone else's chances of winning as soon as possible. (For best results, repeat this 25 times per day while holding your favorite Redskins jersey.)

4. Just like so many of his passes, Donovan McNabb's criticism of Shanahan and the Redskins is late and in the dirt. Come on, dude...you wait until AFTER you sucked out loud in Minnesota to call out Shanahan? You wait until AFTER you lost your job to a rookie to blame the Shanahans for your shabby performance here? You wait until AFTER nobody has called to inquire about your availability for the 2012 season to suggest that not even one of the most coveted rookies in years could thrive under Shanahan? (I do see the irony in being a bit late myself in calling McNabb's recent bitterness late.)

Dear London Fletcher and Bruce Allen,
I can't imagine that there is a more preferable result for either of you than getting a contract signed and getting London back into the fold. While I have no doubt that the reigning NFL leader in tackles holds value for multiple teams around the league, surely that value is no bigger anywhere than right here in D.C. I will continue to believe that this thing is nothing more than a formality. I will continue to believe that London Fletcher will absolutely be a Redskin in 2012. Please stop freaking me out and just do it already.


6. Today's draft question is: "If Markelle Martin is still on the board when we select at the top of the third round, can the Redskins justify writing any other name down on their card?"

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