My Redskins 7 Round Mock Draft

The Draft is now a week away and due to the salary kept penalties and the three picks we gave up in the trade to get the number two overall pick, it is essential that we hit on a lot of our mid-round selections. I’ve been doing a lot of research on draft prospects and considering our needs, have come up with some good value possibilities for our picks 3-7.

In my opinion, it is already a lock that we select RG 3 with the #2 pick. I love him, he is going to solidify the position at a pro bowl level for years to come. He has everything you could possibly want in your quarterback: intelligence, athleticism, accuracy, leadership, charisma, and marketability.

With our 3rd round pick, I like OT Donald Stephenson out of Oklahoma. He is over 6’5 and 315lbs and posted the fastest 40 time at his position at the combine. He fits the Shanahan mold for linemen and he played at a big time program in Oklahoma. He could possibly shore up the RT position for years to come.

With the first of two picks and the 4th round, I like WR Tommy Streeter out of Miami. He stands 6’5 and 220lbs and he runs a high 4.3 in the 40. We have been searching for that big receiver for years now and he could possibly fill that void.

With the 2nd 4th round pick, I like either Middle linebackers James Michael Johnson out of Nevada or Bobby Wagoner out of Utah State. Both would make good understudies to London Fletcher, and the inside linebacker position is definitely a position of need for us.

With the 5th round pick, I could see us going a couple different directions. I like CB Robert Blanton out of Notre Dame here. He is a tweener: he could either be a corner or a free safety. Both are positions of need. He has good size at almost 6’1 and 210lbs and possesses decent cover skills. I could also see us using this pick on QB Russell Wilson. This kid can play, yes he is undersized, but he can play the position. He possesses the same skill set as RG 3 and would make an excellent backup.

With our 6th round pick, I like OG Rokevious Watkins out of South Carolina. He has good size at almost 6’4 and 340lbs with good athleticism. I also like the fact that he competed in the stiff competition of the SEC. We need to create some good depth and competition along that line.

With the 7th round pick, I would like to take a flyer on an electric play maker like Jeff Demps out of Florida. He is small at 5’8 and 180lbs, but he has track speed. He could bring big time play making ability which we lack. Another person I wouldn’t mind taking a flyer on is LB Vontaze Burfict out of Arizona State. I know a lot of people are down on him now but that was a first round talent at one time. He might just need a guy like London Fletcher to mold him and guide him. There has to be some talent there. Like I said though I would like him as only a late round flyer. Well these are some of my ideas for our Draft this year. I look forward to your comments and opinions. Thanks Mike

R-1 RG 3 QB

R-3 Donald Stephenson OL

R-4 Tommy Streeter WR

R-4 James Michael Johnson or Bobby Wagoner LB

R-5 Robert Blanton CB or Russell Wilson QB

R-6 Rokevious Watkins OG

R-7 Jeff Demps RB

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