3 Predictions and 1 Reassurance Look-over

Prediction #1: RGIII will be the second QB drafted in the 2011 draft.

Reason: Character, Good influence, Track star, Stats show an amazing player Robert Griffin III in 2011: 72% competition, 3678 yards, 34 touchdowns, 5 INTs Robert Griffin III in 2010: 67% competition, 3501 yards, 22 touchdowns, 8 INTs Landry Jones third, then barkely

LOOK-OVER: Pretty much seems certain with Redskins taking him.

Prediction #2: The Redskins WILL NOT draft a QB in this year's draft within the first two rounds (Probably 3rd, 4th round).

Reason: Shanny sees too many holes to fix. Why put a QB in this situation, when Grossy and Becky can do better when they have something to work with. Prediction #2 a) Probably Mike Adams drafted, BUT we will trade down again. Cue drama

LOOK-OVER: I didn't expect Shanny to do it because well he doesn't make huge high trades usually like the one he did. There is a time for firsts and this will make or break his career.
Even though I said we wouldn't draft a QB within the first two rounds, I am really happy that we will have RGIII.
Oh yea, 8 more days! HTTR!

Prediction: #3: Riley will be starting next year at LB alongside with London-Fletcher, Rocky McIntosh is released

Reason: Look how Perry is doing! Amazing. Just needed 1, 2 years of sitting to get in on the action. London will teach him well as Riley is the replacement.

LOOK-OVER: Pretty much seems certain now and Rocky has the juror still out on him I think.


Reason: He loves this team, great influence, team leader, and not everything is fixed. Redskins might/could fall apart a bit if he retires.

LOOK-OVER: Glad we did get him back!


This is just my thoughts, I would love to draft RGIII but I honestly think he will go second or third on the QB pecking order. We don't know who much the draft changes until it is time for it. Just look at Cam Newton! Projected to us at the end of the 2011 season!

Landry Jones I wouldn't want because he doesn't look good in pressure and is a shotgun QB mostly, but will probably be good.

Matt Barkely would be my third choice for QB. Accurate, and pro-style. Better under pressure than Landry Jones.


Look-over: I'm glad we are getting RGIII and I do believe Round 3 will be a big pick. Hope we get a good person out of it!

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