My Starting Line-up way way way too early!

So here is my projected starting line-up. Destroy me with your own opinions, if you need to, but first read and give me something fun to read in the comments. thanks!

Offense: 26

*QB: (1) Robert Griffin III, (2) Rex Grossman, (3) John Beck

HB: (1) Evan Royster, (2/3) Roy Helu, (2/3) Tim Hightower

I know, i know. But i feel like Royster has that ability to carry the ball 1,000 times in a game. he is more of a pounder, and he finds holes. plus the YAC is incredible.. i lost count how many times he got hit 2 yards deep in the backfield and still made it out for a gain.

FB: (1) Darrell Young

LT: (1) Trent Williams, (2) Willie Smith, (3) James Lee

LG: (1) Kory Lichtensteiger, (2) Maurice Hurt

C: (1) Will Montgomery, (2) Erik Cook

RG: (1) Chris Chester, (2) Maurice Hurt

*RT: (1) Jammal Brown, (2) James Lee, (3) Tyler Polumbus

WR: (1) Pierre Garcon, (2) Leonard Hankerson, (3/4) Jabar Gaffney, (3/4) Josh Morgan, (5/6) Anthony Armstrong, (5/6) Santana Moss

this is really a toss up... I put Gaffney ahead of Moss because of his production last year. I really fear the last two on my list might end up being cap casualties. But we will see. I hope Hankerson can make it that high up on the depth chart, but i understand that is kind of wishful thinking...

TE: (1) Chris Cooley, (2) Fred Davis, (3) Logan Paulson

Defense: 23

LE: (1) Stephen Bowen, (2) Kendric Golston

DT: (1) Barry Cofield, (2) Chris Neild, (3) Kentwan Balmer

RE: (1) Adam Carriker, (2) Jarvis Jenkins

LOLB: (1) Brian Orakpo, (2) Rob Jackson/Markus White

MLB: (1) London Fletcher, (2) Perry Riley, (3) Lorenzo Alexander

ROLB: (1) Ryan Kerrigan, (2) Markus White/Rob Jackson

*CB: (1) DeAngelo Hall, (2) Josh Wilson, (3) Leigh Torrence, (4) Kevin Barnes

*FS: (1) Madieu Williams, (2) DeJon Gomes, (3) Cedric Griffin

*SS: (1) Brandon Meriweather, (2) Reed Doughty, (3) Cedric


Special: 3

K: (1) Graham Gano

P: (1) Sav Rocca

LS: (1) Nick Sundberg

I put a star next to positions i believe will be addressed in the draft. I also have opinions of where i think they will lean as far as players.

*QB is the most obvious at RG3 with the second pick. if Indy pulls a fast one, i can handle it i think, Luck would be just as good, if not greater, then our already hometown hero, who hasn't even worn Burgundy and gold yet.

*RT is the next glaring need, if only for depth, that we as Redskins fans believe needs to be filled next. Whether or not the front office views this the same way, is completely different, but i think after RG3, it is the 'best player available' game plan i think they will do. with that said Zebrie Sanders would be a nice pick up. Or Donald Stephenson, who worked out with the skins a couple days ago, for maybe a later round pick-up.

*CB, at least to me, is average at best. I like the aggressiveness that Hall brings to the table, but unfortunately his greatest strength is also his greatest weakness. Lets not forget about the Gronk play against the pats either... eck. I would love love love the skins to get a Casey Hayward out of Vanderbilt or a Dwight Bentley from Louisiana Lafayette. Both looked great during/before the senior bowl... and i believe Hayward was a captain as well. We know how Shanahan feels about team leaders.

*FS and SS. Just saying the position name makes most of us cringe. Last year around this time, it seemed as if we were set for the next 4-5 years at the position(s), but how that has changed since then. I don't feel very 'safe' this deep behind our D-Line, and unfortunately without a #2 pick... we might need to work with scraps until next year. Although Markelle Martin out of Oklahoma would definitely be a great grab. Even if it is for depth, i see him being able to develop into a solid contributor. Another guy, who is quietly becoming popular in the area, is Phillip Thomas out of Syracuse. He is for sure a late round raw talent, but the Mentoring from Sean Taylor (RIP) makes his blip on my radar shine that much brighter. I like that he already loves the skins, and plays with heart, and i really hope he ends up here, even if he is on the practice squad.

A couple sleeper picks (for the offense) later in the draft that i could see us getting both have the last name Green.

Ladarius Green, a TE out of Louisiana Lafayette, would be good for depth, especially with Cooley having knee problems (sadly) and Fred Davis... well... you know. he might go in the 3rd, but if he slipped and Shanny liked him enough, i wouldn't be dissapointed to get him.

Jared Green. Oh yes. Darrell Green's son. 4.32 40 time. need i say more? as a late round WR (which we have eons of Depth... i get that) this really, to me, is a no-brainer. Combine freak. Low risk high reward late rounder. plus the bloodline. love it. my heart goes otu to him no matter where he goes, but if we could get him in B&G like his dad, that would be exciting.

the last thing i guess would be ILB. I hope and pray we get #59 resigned, but if not, that is also a need we have. even if he does resign, we need more depth there.

That is all... questions? comments?

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